Google+ Plus invitations are available again and new registrations are open for the people having a Google Plus invitation. If you do not know what is Google Plus then you can read about the all features of Google Plus.

If you want to create a Google Plus account but you are not having a Google Plus invitation there now you can get a Google Plus invitation on Geeky Stuffs. To get a Google Plus invitation , follow the steps given below.

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Get Google Plus Invitation at GeekyStuffs

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Get Google Plus Invitation at GeekyStuffs

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Google Plus invitations will be sent to all who follow the steps mentioned above. You can also connect with me on Google Plus on my Google+ Profile.

Update : Few people told me that the Google Plus invitation mail went to their Spam folder. So, please keep checking your Spam folder too if you are not getting the Google Plus invitation mail which I am sending as I am sending it to everyone for sure. Thanks