After the Orkut, Google is coming out with a brand new social networking site Google+. Google+ is having lots of nice feature which can easily make it a strong competitor of the other popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

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Get Google Plus Invitation at GeekyStuffs

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Facebook v/s Google Plus (Funny Images)

The 5 basic features of Google+ are given below.

Google+ : Every Detail You Need To Know

1. Circles : You can organised your friends in various categories and groups, just like Orkut.

2. Hangouts : Chatrooms to talk with your friends including video chatting

3. Sparks : Get content of your interest across the internet

4. Huddle : Group chatting from the mobile phone

5. Instant Upload : Instant uploading of the media content

To know more about the Google+ and its various features, check out the videos given below.

Google+ Overview

Google+ Circles

Google+ Sparks

Google+ Instant Upload

Google+ Huddle

And also there is an Google+ Infographic which gives the details of all basic things of Google+. Take a look at this.

Google+ Basics
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