Google Plus is creating huge waves on the Internet. Everybody want to create an account on Google Plus and trying to get a Google Plus invitation because of awesome features of the Google Plus. After sending the Google Plus invitations to many people, few people asked me that how to send Google Plus invitations to other people?

Well, there is no direct option available to send Google Plus invitations to other. But there is a little trick to send Google Plus invites. And I am gonna tell you in this post that how you can invite others on Google Plus? Just follow the steps given below to send a Google Plus invitation to your friends

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1. First of all, just make sure that the person you want to send the Google Plus invitation is already in your Google or Gmail contacts. If not then, first add his/her email in your Gmail contact.

2. Now, login to the Google Plus and go to your Circles page. Look for the person you want to invite for Google Plus. You can also search his/her email id for instant result. Now, drag that contact into an old circle or just create a new circle.

3. Now. go to your homepage of the Google Plus account. Type a message and tag the person you want to invite in that status update. The tagging on Google Plus works exactly like the Facebook. He or she will receive an e-mail that asks if they want to learn more about Google+ Plus.

4. When that person will click the link in their invitation e-mail, they'll be prompted to a new page to join the Google Plus.

Tip : If you you want to invite all members of a circle to join the Google Plus then, just go to your Circle page. And share something with the circle you want to send invitation to join Google Plus.

So, it is just this much easy to send an invitation to others to join the Google Plus, the most awesome social networking site now.