The global positioning system, invented by the United States military and in use for decades, has been named by many as one of the modern era’s most important inventions.

Today, chances are you know someone who owns a portable GPS tracking device or has one installed in her vehicle. The reason is simple: GPS tracking devices are among the most useful, technologically advanced and easy-to-use planning tools in existence today.

portable car GPS tracking device

Knowing Where You’re Going

There are dozens of reasons to buy a GPS, but the most compelling is the knowledge that you’ll always know where you are going. While it’s true that most daily driving doesn’t require directions, you probably drive more new places than you realize.

New restaurants, new doctors, Sally’s lacrosse game that’s at the high school two towns over – you need directions and you need them fast. GPS units eliminate the need for reading a map or calling and writing down instructions in advance – and forget about trying to read what you’ve written while you’re driving. GPS devices simply announce upcoming turns and track your route as you travel – what could be simpler than that?

Out of Gas

Imagine you’re traveling to Sally’s lacrosse game and you’re almost out of gas. But – guess what? You’re in the boondocks, sitting at a lonely intersection on a long country road with only a gallon or two left, and you don’t know which way to turn.

If you have GPS, you’re in luck; most modern GPS devices can tell you where the nearest gas station is located. And if you want to grab a quick bite or need to go to the cash machine, your GPS can tell you where those are located, too. If you don’t have a GPS, hopefully you’re wearing comfortable walking shoes.

Traffic Updates

GPS devices also offer drivers live traffic updates. And while nothing can truly replace a local’s knowledge of frequently troubled city roads, highway drivers will appreciate directions to a previously unknown alternate route that could save hours in the car.

Many GPS devices offer weather updates, as well – the perfect solution if you’re trying to outfox the difficult driving conditions caused by lake effect snowstorms and heavy rainfall.

Travel Made Easy

If you enjoy traveling, purchasing a portable GPS is wise. Small, lightweight and easily packed, your GPS will help you spend more of your travel time relaxing in your desired destination as opposed to driving aimlessly, looking for that missed turn or hidden driveway. Many GPS devices also offer local attraction information, including phone numbers. Some feature Bluetooth hookups, FM radio transmitters, Internet connectivity and MP3 players.

Purchasing a System

Although many vehicles include GPS or “nav” systems – short for “navigation” – you may wish to purchase a portable system. In addition to personal travel applications, your teenager or new driver in the family may appreciate using GPS as well.

Larger systems are easier to read on-the-go but also take up more space in a suitcase. Some options, like the live traffic update, may not be worth the extra cost if you live in a remote area.

Regardless, every driver benefits from owning a GPS.

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