Blogging has become a huge new fad. Many people really enjoy it, but sometimes it has a negative connotation among college students. Many of the young generation think that blogging is mostly for mom’s who have nothing else to do with their time. This is not true at all. If you think this, you do not know what you can do with a blog! A lot of people don’t like the fact that blogging is putting yourself out there where people can find out too much information about you. This is also not true. There are privacy settings that you can set if you want. There are so many reasons not to have a blog, but there are also a whole bunch of reasons why you should have one. Here is why I think college students should all be avid bloggers.

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Top Reasons You Should Have a Blog

Top Reasons You Should Have a Blog

To Share Your Opinions

Have you ever had an opinion on something that you really want to share with other people? We all have opinions on something and sometimes there is just no one around to listen to us. If you have a blog, you can post whatever opinion you want and no one can change it or tell you to take it down. People can comment on it and share their own opinion but you are the one in charge on your blog. You can post that you are unhappy with the government or you can even vent about people without them knowing. It feels great to be able to share your opinion any time you want.

To Stay Connected

Many people are away from their family when they are at school. It is hard to stay in touch when you are so far away and when you are so busy. An easy way to do this is to blog. If you can update your blog occasionally, your family and friends can follow it and see what you’re up to without having to have a lengthy phone conversation. It is an easy way to share pictures with your family and also to tell stories about your college life. Some people use Facebook or Twitter to stay in touch with family, but blogging is a lot easier for older people to use. If your parents or grandparents are not very tech-savvy, all they have to do is click on the link you send them and it will take them straight to your blog.

To Have A Personal Web Page

Another reason why you should get a blog is because it is your very own website. It is all personalized. You can design your blog however you want. My blog has a picture of me in the background and the writing is a cool looking font. I have seen other blogs that are all very different and creative. Having a personal web page is pretty cool and you can impress your friends, or even your employers by how great your blog is.

To promote

Having a blog is also a very easy way to promote something. You can promote your ideas, or if you are trying to start a business or a project you can promote that. If you share it with enough people, your promoting will actually be effective. No matter what you’re promoting, you can do it any way you want. A blog is easy and free and you don’t have to worry about buying anything.

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