Little changes can add up to make a big difference. You don’t have to find a pot of gold hidden behind the rainbow to enjoy having more spending money every month. New technologies are available that can help you save money by making some simple changes. Here are a few of the tech-savvy changes you can make to take control of expenses and have a little more spending money every month.

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Tech Savvy Ways to Trim Your Budget

Tech Savvy Ways to Trim Your Budget

Smart Strips

Power strips are necessary for safeguarding your electronics from power surges. Smart strips, like the Belkin Energy Saving Power Strip, can take the savings one step further. Electronics like TVs and video games can pull electricity even when they are turned off. This strip will shut the power down completely, helping you save money on the electric bill.

Gas App

You need fuel for the car, but constantly changing prices can make it hard to know where the best available price is. Download the Cheap Gas! app to your iPhone to be able to find the cheapest gas in a selected area. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can visit to instantly compare gas prices in the area.

Cheaper Groceries

Lower your grocery bill by finding the best deals, without the hassle of poring through flyers. does the grunt work of finding the best prices in town for you. You can also use mobile coupon apps like Coupon Sherpa and Cellfire to instantly save even more money on your regular shopping trips.

Dine Out for Less

Dining out is fun, relaxing and enjoyable. It’s also extremely expensive. Conventional wisdom says you should dine out less often to save money, but there is another option. You can choose to find the best deals at restaurants by visiting This site has gift certificates for various restaurants that sell for fifty percent less than their face value. You can also sign up for rewards programs with restaurants like Applebee’s and TGI Friday’s to get free kid’s meals.

Finding the Best Deals

Comparing prices is a great way to save money. This used to involve either heading home to use the computer, or standing in the store and surfing the web for better prices on your smartphone. Frucall is a service that allows you to instantly compare prices on an item. Simply call the toll-free number, enter the UPC code and instantly discover if there is another store in your area that will give you a better price.

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Online Bill Pay

The cost of stamps continues to rise, but you don’t have to let that cost you a small fortune. Save money on envelopes and stamps by taking advantage of the free bill pay systems offered through most banks. The ability to have the bills paid automatically through the bank will also ensure that you never get hit with late fees because you forgot to pay a bill or drop it in the mail.


Modern technology creates new opportunities to telecommute. Working from home can save you a small fortune in gas, car repairs and wardrobe expenses. If your position is one that could be done from a home computer, consider approaching your boss about telecommuting a few days a week. Be prepared to knuckle down and work harder in these positions, however. Your boss will want to see that you are meeting your goals and maintaining a high productivity level.

Technology can help you save money. Installing smart power strips is an easy way to lower your expenses. Online bill pay can take some getting used to, but can help you gain better control over your finances. Other tech savvy solutions, like apps for cheap gas and coupons, are fun as well as frugal.

Author Bio : Mary Blanchard, a stay at home parent, understands the importance of making her dollars stretch. She frequently visits the coupon croc site to access web discounts to stay within budget.

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