We have all said the same thing - that next year, we’d start saving for Christmas early. We would get all our shopping done before the rush hits, and that way, we’d save time and money. And every year, the holidays are suddenly upon us and we haven’t bought a thing. Suddenly, money is tight and the race is on to find the best present at the lowest price.

Enter bargain shopper apps! These helpful little time and money savers are a shopper’s best friend. Read on to learn how you can save a little money just in time for your holiday shopping.

Top 8 Shopping Apps To Save Money This Christmas

8 Shopping Apps To Save Money This Christmas

Coupon Clipping/Bargain Hunting Apps

Apps such as PriceGrabber combine millions of products from online merchants in order to find you the lowest price and the best deals on products. The app also works locally, to find you deals at stores in your neighborhood.

Red Laser is an app that uses the ever-convenient barcode scanner. Simply scan the barcode of the item you’re considering purchasing, and Red Laser will search nearby stores and online retailers to find you the best price.

LivingSocial has made a name for itself with its excellent money saving coupons on everything from restaurants to teeth whitening. The daily deal is sent directly to your phone through the LivingSocial app, where shoppers can then buy that day’s coupon and redeem it right from their phone.

CouponSherpa is designed to save you money regardless of your location. With this app you can track down coupons and have them scanned directly to your phone. No need to print coupons either; CouponSherpa is designed to easily be scanned by cashiers in order to redeem.

Scan Saver Apps

Key Ring is a fantastic app that replaces all of those annoying keychain store cards you need to scan in order to get discounts. Key Ring digitally scans your store loyalty cards, then stores them away in its electronic and space saving memory banks. Instead of cluttering up your wallet and your key ring, store them all in Key Ring and then let the cashier scan your phone instead of the card.

CardStar, whose motto is, “Go Cardless with CardStar,” is another app that consolidates store loyalty and rewards cards. As with Key Ring, CardStar stores digital versions of your cards that can then be scanned from your phone at checkout.

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All In One Shopping Apps

Google Shopper is the mother of all shopping apps – from the barcode scanner, local deal finder, and daily deal - this app does it all. It even has a voice recognition function so you can search simply by speaking.

Amazon Mobile brings the best of Amazon to your phone with an app that allows you to shop the Amazon marketplace and scan items from your phone. You can scan items by barcode or even by taking a picture, and compare them with Amazon’s always low prices.

Now that you’re armed with an arsenal of money saving tips, it’s time to get out and go shopping. With these apps, holiday stresses will be a thing of the past and your wallet will thank you for it.