Anyone that owns a website can use a little bit more traffic. The more relevant traffic you receive the more money you can make, right? So I present to you 5 free methods for attracting more eyeballs and drive traffic to your website.

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Top 5 Ways To Attract More Traffic To Your Website


There are thousands of directories online. Some are great others are not so much. The ones you are looking for are the ones with traffic and relevant links. You don't want to add your website to a directory that isn't getting any traffic. What is the point in doing that? The best ways to find directories are to search webmaster forums and to make a few searches in the search engines. You shouldn't have a problem finding a list of 100 or more directories available to you for free!

Press Releases

Some people believe that a press release is an outdated method of acquiring traffic. I disagree very much. Some of the largest websites continue to give press releases. Why shouldn't a smaller site?

They normally gain traction in the search engines, and you may even get a link by a popular news outlet online! There are only positives to releasing press releases.

Social Media

Sites like Twitter and Facebook have millions upon millions of users. Why aren't you utilizing these tools? Create a Facebook fan page, or even a group. Anything that allows you to connect and funnel your traffic is worth creating and developing. Especially on Facebook where there are more than 500 million users. Don't leave potential traffic on the table.

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Advertise On Your Car

Most people drive a whole lot. Why not pay a company to make a custom sticker and stick it on the back of your car? Just think about how many trunks you see when driving. Now think about all that potential traffic! This might sound like a crazy idea and it may be, but you wont' know the potential until you give it a whirl.

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Article Marketing

Article marketing has been around for years. Some say it doesn't work anymore but if you take a look at the search engine results the advice of others may be wrong. There are plenty of articles ranking for keywords that bring in plenty of organic traffic. If you aren't marketing with articles, your losing out.

Sites like Ezine and Go Articles are just the beginning. Find the top 10 article directories and start posting a few unique articles on them. Remember to leave your link in the article itself if you can, or even in the author's box. Whatever the article directories suggest.

The more eyeballs you receive the more traffic you will have. Start with just one of these promotional methods and then move on to another. Step by step you will start to see a change in your visitors and eventually more conversions.