There are millions of websites in the world now and everyday the number of websites are increasing. But not all of these websites are popular or a good one. There are lots of factors which makes a website popular and worth of visiting. If any of these factors are missing then, your website will not achieve the success you are looking for.

One of the most important part of any website is the site design. Website design is a very creative part of a website and it is also having lots of smaller parts to consider. The very first thing which a visitor notices on a website is the site design. So, it is very important to have a nice looking and attractive website design.

There are lots of things which needs to be considered while designing a website. If any of these factors are not worked well then, your website can fail in achieving the success. There is an infographic by KissMetrics which gives the information about the important factors of the website designing. It also helps in understanding the website designing and how to improve it.

Have a look at this nice infographic. It will surely help you in improving your website design and making it an impressive and user friendly one. If you think that there are some other factors which affects the website design then, feel free to share them in the Comments section.

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