There are lots of websites and blogs out there on the Internet. But how many of them you really know? Only few popular and successful ones which you use or visit regularly. Every webmaster and blogger want and try to hard to make his/her blog and website a popular one. But not everybody gets success.

So, what are the reason of their failure? What are the factor which affect the success of a website or blog? Keep in mind that here we are not talking about the content or topic of the website but from a user's point of view. So, what can be the things which a user dislikes most after visiting a site and never visits again? Basically there are three things to consider - website design, usability and SEO. I will make three different posts considering these three important factors of a successful blog. And here is the first part talking about the website design to consider.

Here is a nice infographic which gives you the idea that why a website design sucks from user's point of view. And if you are one of those webmaster or bloggers then this infographic can help you improving your website and becoming a successful blogger. So, have a look at this and realize what is wrong with your website?

How To Tell If Your Website Design Sucks (Infographic)

How To Tell If Your Website Design Sucks
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