Social media networks have made it very easy for professionals to connect with other professionals and clients. In terms of event planning, Facebook is one of the most essential tools the planner has at his or her disposal. Of course, other people involved with the event planning other than the planner can use Facebook, as well. Here are some helpful tips for successfully planning an event using Facebook.

Helpful Tips For Successful Event Planning Using Facebook

Helpful Tips For Successful Event Planning Using Facebook

Find Ideas

There are other professional event planners that use Facebook. You can search for other professionals to find ideas when planning your own event. In fact, you can connect with these people, add them to your network and share ideas or tricks.

Stay in Touch with Other People Involved

Part of successful planning is being able to stay connected with everyone involved in the project. However, making hundreds of calls and texts a day is inefficient.

Facebook allows users to create closed groups that other people cannot see. Only members of the closed group can see and participate in its conversations. Professionals take advantage of this feature the most since it allows them to communicate with clients, customers and coworkers.

Find Photographers, Vendors and Journalists

With over 700 million active users, it is not hard to find these types of professionals in your area for your event. Event planners can find other people to hire and work the event. Moreover, Facebook is a great way to find feedback from either satisfied or unsatisfied customers for different professionals.

For example, you are an event planner looking for a photographer to take pictures during the event. You come across a few promising candidates on Facebook, but you don't know which one to hire. Well, each of these candidates will probably have a small portfolio of their past experience, as well as previous customers' feedback. This is a great way to gauge what candidates are the best for your event.

Sell Tickets

One of the hardest parts of planning an event is making it easy for attendees to purchase tickets to the event. Luckily, different companies have teamed up with Facebook to help event planners sync their ticket account with their brand's or event's Facebook page, making it very easy for attendees to purchase tickets to the event.

Eventbrite is one ticket-selling platform that teamed up with Facebook to make ticket purchasing easier.

Moreover, there are some companies that allow event planners to create special discounts that are only available to people who purchase tickets on Facebook.

Find and Endorse Sponsors

Event planners can sometimes easily find sponsors that want to help throw the event. They can be recognized by simple status updates that mention the sponsor, or even full-blown posts that describe the sponsor. Here are some common ways to endorse sponsors for their contribution:

. Make an album of their logos

. Post updates

. Let the sponsors write a guest note to pitch their company or service

. Utilize any videos that the sponsor has of his or her company


These simple tips can greatly help your event planning. You should know by now that Facebook is an essential tool for any type of event planning, and if done right, it can turn a mediocre party into a full-blown event.