Pinterest is one of the most popular social networking site these days. And when it comes to driving traffic to the websites, it is also a top one. Users post and share various types of images on the Pinterest boards. So far, there was no privacy for the pinned images by a user. It means if somebody is following you then he/she can see all of your Pinterest Boards and the pinned images without any restrictions. So, a Pinterest user was not able to use it for the personal and private bookmarking of the images or websites.

But now Pinterest is out with a brand new feature which gives you the freedom to create the Secret Boards on Pinterest. The content pinned on these Secret Pinterest Boards will not be available to your followers. The best thing is that Pinterest Secret Boards are available on iPhone and Android apps of Pinterest too.

The method of creating a Secret Board on Pinterest is given below which is quite simple and straight forward. Just follow the steps and you will have your Secret Pinterest Board in a minute.

HOW TO : Create the Secret Boards on Pinterest

1. Login to your Pinterest account.

2. You may see a notification on the extreme left of the page, inviting you to create a Secret Board as shown in the above image. If you do not see such message then, just go to your profile.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and then, you will see the option of creating a Secret Pinterest Board as shown in the below image.

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4. Just follow the usual steps of creating a Pinterest board and your Secret Board will be ready.

5. If you do not see the direct option to create a Secret Pinterest Board then just start creating a new Pinterest board.

6. You will see the option of "Secret" as "Off". Just toggle it to "On" as shown in the image below.

6. Finish the process by saving the board. This newly created board will be a Secret Pinterest Board.

You can create a total of three Secret Boards on Pinterest right now. If you want to create a new Secret board after creating the three Secret Boards then, you will have to change any of the previous Secret Boards to Public first.

Another important thing is that you can not change your existing Pinterest boards into Secret but you can change a Secret board into the Public one later.