Gmail is the most popular email service now. Since your Gmail account is linked to all of your Google account profiles and Google services, it is important to confirm that someone else is not having access to your Google account.

There is a very easy method to find out if someone else is getting logged in to your Gmail account. Just follow the steps given below to know that.

HOW TO : Check if Someone Else is Accessing Your Gmail Account

1. Go to your Gmail inbox

2. Scroll down to the end of the page.

3. On the extreme right side, you will see something like "Last account activity: XX hours ago".

4. Click on the "Details" link.

5. A new popup window will be opened. In this window, you can see the country, IP address, access type and time of the access to your Gmail account.

6. If you find there some IP addresses or locations from which you have never accessed your Gmail account then, just change the password right away and enable the 2-Step Verification process for your Google account.

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7. You can also activate or deactivate the alert for any unusual activity on your Gmail inbox according to your choice as shown in the above image.