Other than the texts, the most important part of a blog post are the images and videos. Sometimes people also embed the slideshow in the blog posts. And now you can also embed the Kindle ebooks in your blog posts or website to make it more interesting and to provide the information to your users.

Embedding the Kindle books on your blog is good, specially if you have a book review blog or you want to provide the information about a book. You can embed the ebooks available on the Amazon and Google Books both. But here we are going to learn how to embed the sample chapters of the ebooks available on the Amazon store.

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To embed a Kindle ebook on your website all you have to do is to follow the steps given below.

HOW TO : Embed Kindle Ebooks on Your Website and Blogs

1. Go to the Amazon product page of the Kindle ebook you want to embed.

2. Find the ASIN code of the ebook from the page URL as shown in the below image

Or just scroll down and get the ASIN code from the product description.

3. Now just copy and paste the code given below in your blog post or website where you want to embed the Kindle ebook. There are JavaScript and IFRAME both codes are available. You can use the one of your choice.

JavaScript Code to Embed Kindle Ebooks on Blogs

<div id="Kindle-Reader">
<script src="http://kindleweb.s3.amazonaws.com/app/KindleReader-min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
containerID: 'Kindle-Reader', width: '500', height: '700',
asin: 'B006OOC5MC',assoctag: 'shaanhaiderdo-20'});

IFRAME Code to Embed Kindle Ebooks on Blogs

<iframe frameborder="0" height="700" src="http://kindleweb.s3.amazonaws.com/app/;assoctag=shaanhaiderdo-20" width="500">

Now, just change the ASIN code used in the code above with the ASIN code of your Kindle ebook. You can also change the dimension of the embedded Kindle ebook by changing the parameters of the height and width.

If you are an Amazon affiliate then, you can use your Amazon Associate ID in the "assoctag" to earn some money.

Also if you do not want to embed the Kindle ebooks on your website but still want to provide it to your readers then, you can use the URL given below to directly link the sample chapters of the Kindle ebook. But do not forget to replace the ASIN code in the URL given below to ASIN code of the ebook of your choice.