There are tons of phones on the market today, and there are several that a majority of the celebrities uses. While you may not be able to buy all of them, you will find that a few of them will be within your budget. The phones that celebrities use are no different than the ones that you see at your local mall. In other words, you can buy the exact phones that your favorite celebrities own. Want to have the same phone as the most famous celebrities? Consider getting the phones below and see if they match your lifestyle.

Top Smartphones Used by Celebrities


Paris Hilton with Sidekick - Top Phones Used by Celebrities
The Sidekick phone offered by T-Mobile is one of the most popular phones that celebrities everywhere use. It has many different versions and generations, but the phone itself is timeless. The features are good in itself, but it is purely the design and twist of the phone that makes it so nice. The overall design is truly different because of the fact the screen twists through a swivel design. It is also very affordable to buy, so there is no problem for you to experience. Dylan Sprouse and Nicole Richie are just two of many people who have been seen using this phone.

Blackberry Torch 9850

This model of the Blackberry has been by many celebrities. It is one of the very few models that have many celebrities using throughout their nights out. If you want to look good and different, this is definitely the model that you need to buy.

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Megan Fox with iPhone - Top Phones Used by Celebrities
This phone is not only popular, but it is known for being the King of all smartphones. It has WiFi, email access, amazing internet access, and a complete phone that many people have considered buying. It is not cheap but very easy to use, so you will find this phone to be worth buying. While too many have bought this phone, the newest generations are still in style and quite trendy. The iPhone series will never seem to end at all, and celebrities of all ages will always want to buy the latest version of the iPhone. This phone is definitely one of those that you need to buy if you want to look good. Nearly everybody buys this phone, so if you would like to look like one of the celebrities, then the iPhone is worth it.

Droid X

This phone is definitely one of the best that you will find from Motorola. Motorola creates some pretty nice phones, so you will find that it is truly great to invest in. The Droid X is quite popular in this generation among celebrities. Being seen on Glee by John Stamos, this phone has grown to become quite popular among many Glee fans. It was also seen on How I Met Your Mother, so you will find this phone to be very worth buying. The Droid X is quite popular and famous, so make sure that you get this phone if you would like to sport the same phone as John Stamos.

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Blackberry devices

Kim Kardashian with BlackBerry - Top Phones Used by Celebrities
There are all kinds of different Blackberry devices that you will find. Since all of them are different in nature, you will find a few of them to be good for your type of style. Blackberry creates all kinds of different phones nearly every year, and they are constantly updating their software to be more high class. Kim Kardashian was once spotted with a Blackberry Bold 9780. This model is quite popular and you will find that it is quite affordable as well.

Those are just a few of the top phones celebrities use. Remember, each phone is different and is offered at a variety of prices, so you will find them to be very good to use. I highly suggest that you use this list to get a good lineup on the phones that you can consider buying. They are all worth buying and getting, so you should consider going back to this list in the future when you are ready to buy a phone.

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