Festivals are a colorful and inherent feature of British tradition, and remain unrelentingly popular in 2012. Rather than be sidelined by the advancements in modern technology however, the festival experience has been actively enhanced by mobile media applications and the innovations of various organizations. So what are the top 5 festival apps currently accessible on mobile devices across the country, and how can you utilize them to improve an already unique experience?

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The Weather Bug

Top 5  Apps for Festivals - The Weather Bug

Available on Apple's iPhone, Android and Blackberry models, the Weather Bug app is something of a multi-purpose tool that happens to be especially useful for anyone planning a festival trip. Free to download, it offers detailed weather information from all corners of the globe, and delivers accurate predictions for up to 1 week in advance. This enables you to plan and pack wisely for your festival, and prepare for the torrential downpours and mud baths that are synonymous with iconic events such as Glastonbury.

Battery Life Extender

This app, which is now available for both Nokia and Samsung media devices, can prove crucial during those 2 or 3 day festival trips. While both Nokia and Samsung devices boast notoriously durable battery power, the battery life extender allows users to generate up to 30% more usage from their mobile phone or laptop. A free app to all users, this may not only save you the hassle of recharging your device but also help in keeping you safe from harm during your trip.

The iFest

While our first 2 apps were mainstream designs that had benefits for festival goers, the iFest app has been created specifically for those planning their experience. Available for use on the iPhone, it features a full range of information on specific and upcoming festivals, including details on line ups, stage times and travel information. This particular app has an advantage on similar products as it also provides links to social media resources such as Facebook, and allows information to be shared quickly and effectively.

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Tent Finder

Top 5  Apps for Festivals - Tent Finder

Another free to download app for Apple's iPhone, the Tend Finder is a must have for anyone who is traveling to a major festival like Glastonbury. It utilizes GPS to identify and locate your tent in an area populated with thousands of festival goers, and you can even affiliate a name to your tent so that finding it in the small hours of the morning becomes a less than challenging exercise. As an added bonus, this app also allows you to pinpoint and store additional locations such as bars and toilets, so that you can navigate the site with a minimum of fuss.


Perhaps the leading festival app, GlastoNav is an absolutely essential tool for anyone who is looking to attend Glastonbury. Available to those with orange contracts and tariffs, its unique feature is augmented reality, which combines visual and written information to deliver details of acts, performance times and even branded offers to make your stay more affordable. Its built in GPS function also make navigation of the Glastonbury site easy, and enables you plan yourtrip effectively.