There’s a lot of bad information about website building, from the idea that you need to learn programming first to the belief that building a website costs a lot of money. We can easily debunk these myths with a little bit of common sense.

5 Website Building Myths Debunked

5 Website Building Myths Debunked

Myth #1— Programming Necessary

Only a few million people worldwide can write programming code or website HTML, yet hundreds of millions of people have websites, proving that you don’t need to program your own website.

A great way to create a website with no programming necessary is to use a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress. WordPress takes your text and automatically adds all of the necessary HTML code to make your page appear on the Web. It even helps you choose a website design which will please your visitors.

Myth #2— Websites Are Expensive

Free websites have been around since Geocities back in 1999, but they’ve never been easier to use than today—that’s because a lot of today’s free websites are based on WordPress.

But professional websites shouldn’t use free hosting. They should use paid hosting for its greater control and better appearance—yet this paid hosting only costs about $0.10 a day, making it probably the smallest of your business expenses. (It’s less expensive than most homemade cups of coffee!) Plus, you can still get the easy-to-use WordPress with almost all paid hosting accounts.

Myth #3— Websites Are Hard

Lots of people hire website developers because they think building a website takes a lot of work, but then the developer turns around, installs WordPress, and then charges you $500 for five minutes of work—work you could’ve done on your own in the same five minutes.

Creating a website is as easy as just installing the free WordPress software, creating an account and password, and writing your homepage in plain English (or whatever language you decide to use). WordPress comes with an attractive default theme and there are hundreds of other free attractive themes you can download in seconds.

Making a website these days is too easy to pay anyone else to do.

Myth #4— You Need To Know Javascript, AJAX, CSS

Interactive websites today are built with a whole bunch of advanced technologies, so you might think you need to learn all of these technologies to get the most out of your website. But if that were true, you’d need to learn microprocessor programming to use your computer too.

The truth is that WordPress and other content management systems are the Microsoft Windows of website design. You simply point and click to create websites that use all of the advanced technologies available. And when your visitors see the results, they won’t care whether you wrote the code or whether you downloaded it for free with WordPress.

Myth #5— You Need To Learn SEO And Other Skills

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other skills can help you attract traffic to your website, but you can actually learn these skills while you build your website by installing a WordPress plugin that tells you what to do. I use a SEO plugin all the time before I publish articles and it gives me an easy-to-understand score that tells me how well I’m doing.

Building a high-quality website has never been easier, so clear your head of the myths that are holding you back and get started today.