WordPress has become one of the most popular platforms for hosting blogs, web pages and delivering web content through the use of its content management features. Different industries use WordPress to display their web pages by taking advantage of the themes, widgets, plugins and other tools that make WordPress a robust platform for web content.

Now there is a cool new graphical guide developed by InMotionHosting.com that displays all the WordPress essential tools, themes and best WordPress plugins. The time-saving guide is great for helping users hone in on the specific element that is most beneficial to their particular industry.

Entitled WordPress Essentials, the guide groups the tools by selected industries. The industries include Photography, Real Estate, Media Producers, Entrepreneur/Makers, Review Websites and Finance Blogs. Under each industry category, the name of the particular plugin, theme, tool or eCommerce item is identified. In addition to grouping them by industry, they are also rated from one star to five stars, with five being the best and most useful item. There is also an indicator showing how popular the element is based on the number of downloads. While most of them are free, prices are indicated on the guide for those that are not free. Cartoon bubbles are shown with tidbits of information about selected tools or tweaks in the graphical guide.

The essentials in the guide are based on feedback from writers selected from the different industries who are regarded as the experts in their particular area. Below the graphical guide, there is a spreadsheet that provides the links to each of the tools, themes and essential element.

For those that use WordPress, the WordPress Essentials Plugins infographic is a great guide to have at their fingertips. In addition to categorizing the tools, it is also useful as a way to learn about similar tools that can be used for their specific industry. This guide is a great time-saver and effective way to find the best tools, tweaks and best themes to design a great WordPress website.

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