Many of us are sick of seeing the same revolving pictures when our computer screens are inactive, and a good screensaver can be a welcome change from the typical offerings supplied by your operating system.

A personal touch can go a long way to creating an interesting and memorable screensaver that helps entertain and amuse when your computer isn’t being used. The best way to achieve this is by creating your own screensaver from images that mean something to you or that you enjoy. This can be a fairly simple process, giving you a screensaver you’ll actually enjoy in a matter of minutes.

HOW TO : Create Your Own Screensavers

HOW TO : Create Your Own Screensavers

1. Find The Right Images

Finding the right images for a screensaver is probably the most important step in the whole process, as it is upon these images that your screensaver will be based. You might want to go for family photos, images of your favourite artworks or simply images that make you laugh, but make sure you’ll be happy having them on your screensaver for all to see. It is also well worth trying to get high-resolution images, as they will fit the screen better and prevent distortion.

2. Make It In Your Operating System

For those that know their way around Windows, there is a simple way to create a screensaver. If you arrange those images you require into a designated folder, you can then right click anywhere on the desktop and select ‘Display Properties.’

You can then select the Screen Saver tab, followed by ‘My Picture Slideshow’ in the drop down menu. Finally, configure the settings to meet your needs and you have your first example of how to create screensavers!

3. Specific Software

If you are looking for a little more help and guidance, as well as a few more customisable options, you may want to opt for some useful software that details exactly how to make screensavers.

These are easily downloaded from websites and are incredibly useful for those who need a little extra help with the process. Some great options available with these programmes include:

3D Screensavers

These are always a popular option and can help users create innovative screensavers which boast three dimensional views. Some even combine different 3D objects within a single screensaver to create a unique image.

Photo Collages

These are perhaps the most common form of personalised screensaver. Whether you create a slideshow or a collage, there are plenty of software programmes to help you, offering smooth transition effects and enhanced picture qualities.


These screensavers are lots of fun and there are plenty of options for users. With collections based around people, landscape and wildlife, an animated screensaver is a great way to enhance your computer. is a website that allows users to download software. It has a host of different types of software available including programmes to create screensavers.