Wordpress is the world wide known tool to help bloggers and writers of all types. It is an affective platform to provide excellent facilities for its users, making their life much easier in this competitive environment. Wordpress seems complicated to many who prefer to use many other tools, but if you get the hang of it, Wordpress is not as difficult as it seems. It provides opportunity to its users to utilize plug-ins to enhance the experience and do various tasks easily.

The most interesting part is that search engines love Wordpress. Here are the top 5 techniques on WordPress that would create some curiosity:

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Utilize Permalinks to Enrich Search Engine Visibility

These are the permanent URL to individual posts and WordPress uses a combination of question marks and alphanumeric by default to make it easier for you. This method makes the URL very ugly and it doesn’t look great, especially when you would like to share the link with others.

The first step to modify the permalink structure is to first click on SettingsPermalinks. Here, you will find many common settings to choose from, just select and save changes. In order to create custom structure, select the Custom Structure radio button. There are a number of tags that can be used, including %post_id%, %postname%, %category%, %year%, %monthnum% and %day%.

Transforming the arrangement to just ‘post-name’ provides your permalink enough search engine friendly Universal Research Link (URL). Therefore, it’s not a quite effective arrangement, because the WordPress usually verifies the URL to check whether it is a page or not before checking the content. A more efficient option is to use the %post_id%/%postname% as it recognizes the URL as a page.

Make Search Engine Smart Titles

Writing for Wordpress is different from writing for newspapers or news services. So, be smart and think about what matters to you most in what you are writing and then make sure that it has a prominent place in your heading and title. The word that matters to you is keyword and that is what a search engine looks for.

It is always best to put your head from left to right, because that’s the way search engine spiders want it to be. If your most important word is at the beginning, it is going to grab spiders’ attention, as they love to get down to business straight away.

Use Keywords Smartly in the Article

The key word that is important to you should have important places in the article. Make sure it has been mentioned in the first paragraph of the article and if it is in the first line, that is great. Many people think SEO is flooding the article or text with keywords, which is wrong. Put it smartly, so that the spider thinks it is part of the text and is in the flow rather than an alien inserted into the text from Mars.

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Plug the Wordpress with Plug-ins

Wordpress comes with a standard installation that comes with standard applications. Plug-in changes this scenario for the good. There are many plug-in available and it is sometime very hard to choose the right one. Therefore, it is strongly advised to have a look at it on wordpress official page.

To install the plug-in, first select the one you like, download it and save the file. In order to add and activate the downloaded plug-in, go to Plug-insAdd New and select Upload. Hit Browse, locate the downloaded zip file and press Install Now. To finish, click Activate Plug-in, then press installed to view. Job is done! See your Wordpress experience with addition of these plug-in reaching new heights.

Don’t Get Hooked Up with Browsers – Use Smart Desktop Publishers

Smart publishers for bloggers help the users to publish their content on wordpress without logging into their accounts. These publishers are integrated applications that make posting very easy. It is easy to add use them. Just go to Head, then, SettingsWriting and locate Remote Publishing.

Now, click the XML-RPC check box and press Save Changes. One of the best in the market in desktop blogging is ScribeFire for Mozilla Firefox. Once you have installed it, an icon appears on the bottom right corner of your browser. Click it to open the client. Now, use the setup form to set it up and make it integrated with Wordpress and then launch it.

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