Free SMS app is something which everybody wants to have. Earlier I have posted about the Way2SMS app to send free SMS. It is still one of the most popular post on Geeky Stuffs. But the Way2SMS apps is a java app. So, Android and iPhone users can not use it. But there is a solution of this problem now.

is a free SMS sending app developed by Sabeer Bhatiya, the founder of Hotmail. You can send free international SMS using JaxtrSMS from any device. JaxtrSMS is available for Android, iPhone, Symbian, Java , Windows and BlackBerry phones.

I have tried it from my Android phone and tablet. It was working OK but not great. Few of the SMS never reached the destination too. If the receiver is having JaxtrSMS app installed then, the SMS goes to the app inbox. If not then, it goes to the phone's inbox.

The sent SMS also mentiones that the SMS is sent from JaxtrSMS and a link is included for the receiver to download the JaxtrSMS app. You can download the JaxtrSMS app from the link given below.

Download The JaxtrSMS App To Send Free SMS Worldwide