The iPhone 5 has been on sale for just a few days but there has already such a high level of demand that many customers will be left waiting a few weeks before their new iPhone arrives at their door. Like all earlier iPhones, the iPhone 5 looks set to become the most popular iPhone to date and if current trends continue the iPhone 5 could become the biggest selling mobile phone in history (the current record holder is 2003's Nokia 1100).

With a larger screen, faster interface and improved data connections (including LTE), there are plenty of reasons why this is becoming the most popular iPhone of all time. Everyone is aware of what is good about the new iPhone but not everyone is aware of the problems in the new iPhone 5. So here are the top five reasons not to buy the iPhone 5… just yet.

Top 5 Reasons Not to Buy the iPhone 5... Not Just Yet

iOS 6 Apple Maps

Amidst many highly positive reviews there has been one feature of the new iPhone that has consistently attracted a lot of criticism: the new iOS 6 Maps app. Earlier iPhones had relied on an Apple modified version of Google Maps, but due to a long running feud with Google regarding Android, Apple has been keen to cut Google out of the picture completely. Judging by the new Maps app, perhaps Apple was a little too keen.

Satellite images are now provided by Bing while local business information has been sourced from Yelp. The iOS 6 Maps app features a 3D flyover mode and the new turn-by-turn navigation, powered by TomTom, has been one of the biggest attractions for the new Maps.

This all sounds great in theory, but many users are reporting a whole host of problems surrounding the new Maps app.

The turn-by-turn navigation frequently picks bad routes or doesn't understand where you are trying to get to, which is no surprise when so many businesses and places are labelled incorrectly on the app. Many businesses, including restaurants and cafes are placed in the wrong locations, while a great many bus stops and trains stations are nowhere to be seen. In the UK, Apple Maps will display the location of many businesses that ceased trading several years ago. To make matters worse, some major towns and cities are either named incorrectly or not named at all. It is no wonder that the app has such difficulty directing people to where they want to go.

To top it off, the 3D flyover mode which was the crowning glory of the new app and the one advantage Apple had over Google, often results in poorly rendered models in some locations.

Funny iOS 6 Apple Maps Error

Apple has stated that the new Maps app is a work in process, and is cloud based so it should improve the more people use it. However, it has also hired many former Google employees who worked on Google Maps, suggesting that a much improved version will be available in future. Much of the faulty business information comes from Yelp and it should be a fairly simple affair to correct this data. For now though, Apple Maps is one reason not to buy the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Scuffgate and Scratches

Apple has cornered a niche by manufacturing its products from premium materials. The iPhone 4 and 4S were produced from steel and glass which, while pretty to look at, were prone to damage fairly easily. Apple has replaced these materials with anodized aluminium for the iPhone 5.

Many people are reporting that their new iPhones are arriving with cosmetic damage, ranging from scratches to dented cases. Although anodized aluminium is lighter than the stainless steel used for the iPhone 4 and 4S it is also much softer and more prone to damage.

The damaged caused by using anodized aluminium was reported by a Foxconn employee prior to the iPhone launch. The same employee also stated that this problem mainly affects the first batch of iPhone 5's while later batches should be less prone to damage. This is another reason to wait a little while longer before buying the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Scratch Test (Video)

Also a user, Leotno, on MacRumors forum posted a picture of his brand new white iPhone 5 which shows the light is leaking from the top of the device. The image of the white iPhone 5 leaking light is given below.

Lots of other users complained in that thread about the same issue with their iPhone 5. So if this is a major manufacturing defect in iPhone 5 then, it is better to wait for the next batch of the iPhone 5 which will have better quality hopefully.

4G LTE Connectivity for iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is the first iPhone with 4G LTE support and in many countries is one of the first phones to feature 4G connections. While 4G LTE is already up and running in many countries such as the United States, other countries are yet to have the new technology operational.

In the United Kingdom, LTE will not be in place until the end of the year and currently no networks are able to offer LTE. Although the iPhone 5 does support LTE this may be another reason to refrain from buying the phone right away, if you live in the UK at least, as the faster data speeds will not be available just yet. As it currently stands, the iPhone 5 does not offer much of an advantage over the cheaper iPhone 4S in terms of data connectivity.

iOS 6 Wi-Fi Issues and Poor Signal

Another problem regarding connectivity and another problem resulting from iOS 6: many iPhone 5 users are reporting weak Wi-Fi connections or the inability to connect to Wi-Fi networks at all. While many owners of the iPhone 5 are reporting this problem it seems to affect older iPhones more, suggesting that there is not anything wrong with the hardware for the new iPhone. A software update should solve whatever problems are present but so far such an update has not been announced and Apple is still trying to get to the root of the problem. The poor Wi-Fi connectivity on iPhone 5 may be another reason to not rush out and buy the new iPhone 5 – at least wait until Apple patches the software bugs.


This is perhaps the biggest reason to hold off from ordering the new iPhone 5. When the iPhone 5 first became available to pre-order on September 14th the Apple website stated a delivery date of September 21st. Within just one hour this was pushed back by 2-3 weeks. It seems that people paying for the handset are getting priority in receiving the new phone over people who have opted for a contract with free handset but the delay shows that there is a hefty backlog in iPhone deliveries.

If you were to order an iPhone 5 now you could expect to wait nearly a month for your new phone to be delivered. A new shipment will be sent to Apple in early October when much of the backlog should be resolved and if you haven't already ordered your iPhone 5 it is probably a better idea to wait until that time. By early October many of the problems regarding iOS 6 Wi-Fi connectivity and Apple Maps should be resolved, and according to the Foxconn employee this second batch of iPhone 5 are less prone to scuffs and damage.