Pokemon Go is currently trending worldwide and you should heard about it online or from any of your friend. Few people are addicted about it and few are just not liking the hype about it. In any way, people are talking about it for sure and lots of them are playing it too. But not everyone is lucky enough.

Currently, Pokemon Go is available in the United States and few other countries initially. Nintendo and Niantic decided to initially released in few countries to see the response. And even though the response is great, Pokemon Go is not available in most of the country.

HOW TO : Download and Install Pokemon Go in Any Region Outside USA on iOS and Android

If Pokemon Go is not available in your region but you are curious enough and interested to play Pokemon Go right now then, the good news is that you can still download and install Pokemon Go on your Android and iPhone even if you are not in USA.

Android users can always install the APK of Pokemon Go downloaded from the Internet but that is not a safe method and you will not receive any update from the Play Store for the game. The method we are sharing here overcomes this issue too

Sounds interesting? Follow the method given below to download Pokemon Go on your Android and iPhone outside USA.

HOW TO : Download and Install Pokemon Go in Any Region Outside USA on iOS and Android

HOW TO : Download and Install Pokemon Go in Any Region Outside USA on Android

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap on the Accounts menu and then tap on Add Account.

3. Now select the Google option to add a new Google account.

4. Sign up with a new Google account other than your main account as it will only be used to access the US-based Google Play Store. Finish the process of adding the new Google account.

5. Visit the wallet.google.com/manage/w/0/#settings URL using the same new Google account you have added.

6. Now, this page will ask you to select a country. Choose the US as your country and enter the zip code of a USA city of your choice. If you want, you can also add a payment method but that's optional.

7. On your Android device, download and install any free VPN app from the Play Store that provides the US server to connect.

8. Launch the VP app and connect to the US VPN.

9. Open the Play Store, go to the menu options and switch to the new Google account that you have added earlier.

10. Search for Pokemon Go and install it.

11. Disconnect from the VPN app, switch back to your primary Google account on Play Store and start enjoying the Pokemon Go now.

HOW TO : Download and Install Pokemon Go in Any Region Outside USA on iOS

1. Open iTunes on your computer and log out of your existing iTunes account.

2. At the bottom right of iTunes, click on the flag icon and then select the US flag.

3. Browse for any free app in App Store and click on the Download button. iTunes will ask you to either sign in or create a new account. Select the option to create a new account.

4. Create a new account using a different email than the one you are using for your main Apple iTunes account. When asked for a payment method for the new account, choose ‘None.’

5. Now when your US based iTunes account is created, browse for Pokemon Go and download it on your iPhone or iPad.