Pokemon Go is all over the Internet now and social media is filled with the updates about this new craze. Lots of people are addicted to it and spending good amount of time on Pokemon Go.

Yesterday itself we have posted that how to download the Pokemon Go outside USA and in those countries where it is not available yet by changing the details of your Google and Apple iTunes account.

If you are already having Pokemon Go on your Android device then, chances are high that you used your Google account to sign in to the game and play it. But the point to be noticed here is that signing into Pokemon Go with your Google account not just only allows the app to authenticate you, but it also gives it full access to your Google account.

So basically Pokemon Go developer Niantic gets the permission to have the full access of your Google account. Even though we are pretty sure that this information is not going to be used for any malicious activity, it is always better to have the control of your own account.

HOW TO : Revoke Full Access of Pokemon Go to Your Google Account

1. Go to Google Account’s security page by clicking the below link

Google Account’s Securityand Permissions Page

2. Scroll and find the Pokemon Go in the list of applications having access to your Google account.

3. Click on Pokemon Go

How to revoke full access of Pokemon Go to your Google Account

4. Click on “Remove” button.

That’s all you needed. And it appears that revoking access to Pokemon Go does not affect it in any way. So, better to do this and not take any risk with your Google account.