We are seeing lots of products being announced at IFA 2016 but one announcement that is the most attention grabbing is by Turing Robotics Industries (TRI).

In a press release, Turing Robotics Industries (TRI) announced about its upcoming smartphone called Turing Phone Cadenza and the specification of this smartphone are just too much to believe. Turing Phone Cadenza is supposed to come with two Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 processors and two 6GB RAM modules (12 GB of RAM in total).

There will be also two 256 GB memory chips for internal memory and an additional 500 GB available through micro-SD card slots. So, overall user will get a mind boggling 1TB of storage in Turing Phone Cadenza.

And it features four SIM card slots. Though this is not something new but it is really new if we are talking a high-end smartphone.

Turing Phone Cadenza : Full Hardware Specs, Features, Price and Availability

When it comes to imaging, Turing Phone Cadenza will have a 60 MP primary camera with iMAX 6K sensor and triple lens. On the front-facing side, there will be 20 MP dual front cameras to taking selfies and video calling.

On the OS side, it is powered by Swordfish OS with artificial intelligence Deep Learning features. There is also a “VoiceOn” technology used in the Turing Phone Cadenza that will let user turn the phone on and off with voice commands.

User's voice can also be used for bio-metric authentication with voice recognition module, as against a retina scanner or a fingerprint scanner.

There will be three batteries to power the device based on the Graphene Oxide composite and hydrogen fuel cells technology. The complete list of all hardware specs and features of Turing Phone Cadenza are given below.

Turing Phone Cadenza : Full Hardware Specs and Features

- 5.8-inch Quad HD Screen with 2560×1440 Pixels Resolution

- Two Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 Processors with Total of 16 Kyro Cores

- 12 GB of RAM

- 1 TB Overall Storage (Two 256 GB Internal Memory Chip and 500 GB using microSD Card

- Swordfish OS with Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Feature, Based on Sailfish OS

- 60 MP Quad Primary Camera with iMAX 6K and Triple Lens

- 20MP Dual Front Cameras

- 4 Nano SIM Cards Slots

- WiGig with 60GHz Frequency and 1GBps Speed

- Triple 100Wh Battery with Graphene Oxide Composite and Hydrogen Fuel Cells

- Marshal London Speakers and Audio

Turing Robotics Industries is planning to start shipping the Turing Phone Cadenza devices in 2017. There is no information yet regarding the price of Turing Phone Cadenza and its availability.