Big public events like Coachella, Mobile World Congress, music concerts etc. are always a hotspot for pickpockets to try their luck. Yesterday itself one of my friend lose his Lumia 950 XL and Google Pixel XL smartphones to pickpockets while enjoying the New Delhi Food Truck Festival.

But our smartphones also come with many useful feature including a "Find My Phone" feature that you will find in nearly every smartphone OS and platform with slight changed name but similar functionality. Find My Phone let user locate their lost or stolen device on a web browser with the help of GPS and cellular connectivity.

How to use Find My Phone to track Lost and Stolen Smartphone

Then it displays the phone’s location on the map and let users to track their devices on a web browser on their PC. It is really a nice and useful feature and you just need to download and activate it on your phone for free.

And the indication of usefulness of Find My Phone apps are that a New York-based man Reinaldo De Jesus Henao was recently arrested at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2017 festival with more than 100 stolen smartphones in his backpack.

According to the oficial Police statement, a group of people who lost their smartphones tried using their Find My iPhone functionality to track their devices and they were able to locate their stolen smartphones with Reinaldo De Jesus Henao on the Coachella festival grounds. Then they contacted the local police and tried to get help from them.

Police was able to find and nab easily using the GPS coordinates shown in the Find My iPhone app. Many of the festival attendess who lost their iPhones got their devices back.

It shows that Find My Phone can be a very helpful feature. It also comes with remote wiping option of the data. So if your stolen device is far away from your location, you can delete all content on it remotely for privacy and lock the device as well.