Like air, water and food, connectivity is one of the most important part and into every aspect of our lives. That is why, Huawei is working hard and initiating many projects for "A Better Connected World".

Huawei is a key player in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry and it uses cloud computing, 5G, and the Internet of Things (IoT) – to build a Better Connected World and drive global sustainability. Huawei has just released its CSR Report 2016, highlighting the initiatives and achievements in the last calendar year.

Huawei 2016 Sustainability Report

In 2016, Huawei ranked first among Chinese private enterprises with the Highest CSR Score of 88.6 competing against scores of 16 key industries such as electricity, banking, and food.

Few of the highlights of Huawei's Sustainability Initiatives in 2016 are :

- Provided the mobile signals to connect the Everest South Base Camp with the rest of the world

- Huawei received the UL110, the highest-level green certification, for 8 Huawei mobile phones

- In the Arctic Circle, deployed a 100G submarine network to fulfill the communications needs in Greenland

- Huawei supported the stability of over 1,500 customer networks worldwide

- In Kenya, Huawei delivered a Smart Healthcare Project that benefited 200,000 people

- Huawei launched nearly 200 community support programs in 70 countries and regions

- Huawei increased the energy efficiency of its major products by 23% on average

- Huawei reduced the carbon emissions per unit of sales revenue by 20.6% in 2016 with respect to the benchmark year

- Huawei received the ISO 28000 (Security Management System for the Supply Chain) certification for all distribution centers of global supply centers

- Huawei released its fourth cyber security white paper that covering cyber security in the global supply chain of the ICT industry

- Huawei rolled out the "Seeds for the Future" Program in 96 countries to promote the ICT knowledge transfer to the young generations for a prosperous industry and better connected world

- Huawei guaranteed and provided network stability during approximately 200 major events and natural disasters worldwide

- Huawei invested CNY11.2 billion i.e $1.65 billion in its employee benefits.

Below is an infographic showing the Huawei 2016 Sustainability Report at a glance with most highlighted points and achievements grouped in various categories. You can also read the full report by visiting the link given below.

Click here to read the Huawei 2016 Sustainability Report

Huawei 2016 Sustainability Report at a Glance (Infographic)

Huawei 2016 Sustainability Report at a Glance (Infographic) -
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