Face Unlock is one of the most popular feature in smartphones. Since it is available in just few smartphones, more and more people want it on their devices.

Infinix Hot S3 was launched few weeks back and it didn't come with the Face Unlock feature at that time. But now, Infinix Mobile is rolling an OTA update for Hot S3 that will enable the "Face Unlock" feature on Infinix Hot S3.

So if you have an Infinix Hot S3 smartphone and you want to use the Face Unlock on Infinix Hot S3 then, check the below steps about how to get the Face Unlock on your Infinix Hot S3, setup and use it.

HOW TO : Setup and Use Face ID Unlock on Infinix Hot S3

HOW TO : Setup and Use Face ID Unlock on Infinix Hot S3

1. First of all, update the software of your Infinix Hot S3 to the latest version.

2. Once software update is done, go to Settings and tap on Security & Location option.

3. Now select the Face ID option.

4. Set up a lock screen password/pin/pattern if you are not using one already. After that select one of the option from Pattern, PIN or Password as your Unlock Selection and then tap on “Continue”

5. On the next Secure Start-up screen, tap on the Yes option.

6. Once setting up of pin/password/pattern is done, in the Face ID window, tap on the Add Face ID option.

7. Now scan your face within the circle appearing on the screen.

8. Once facial scanning is completed successfully, it will show the message “Face ID successfully enrolled”

9. Now you can use your Face ID to unlock your Infinix Hot S3.

Pro Tip : If you are using the device in the dark then, on screen it will show an option to turn on the flash light of the phone for better detection of the Face ID.