We can all agree to the fact that WordPress is a powerful CMS that can help you build an amazing website. It is free, secure, flexible and offers a wide range of customization features that make it easier to use, manage and update. It also offers an array of useful plugins that help boost your site’s functionality and performance. In addition, it provides you with tonnes of themes so that you can create a website that is not only functional but also visually stunning.

However, once you start a WordPress blog or a website, you need to ensure that it is up-to-date at all times if you want to yield lasting results from it and as such, here is a full list of ongoing WordPress website maintenance tasks that you need to undertake, in order to provide your audience with a great user experience.

A well-optimized WordPress website can help you garner more organic traffic as well as higher ranking on SERPs, thus take a look at this website maintenance infographic below and implement the tips to make your site healthier & robust.

The entire infographic comprises of 50+ actionable website maintenance tips that can help you boost your site conversion and ROI and to give you a glimpse here are some best practices for maintaining your site effectively.

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1. Ensure that your WordPress plugins, themes and widgets are up-to-date. Also, make sure to eliminate unwanted plugins and themes from your database.

2. Optimize your Images as well as Database to improve your website’s speed and performance.

3. Review your site’s content and ensure that is fresh and up-to-date at all times.

4. Check your site’s speed and loading time with tools like Pingdom and Google Pagespeed Insights.

5. Check and Redirect broken links, in order to prevent high bounce rate.

6. Clean up the trash, spam comments and other junk media files to improve your site’s functionality.

7. Scan your website daily for any vulnerabilities and fix these issues immediately.

8. Review your site’s download, social media and affiliate links, in order to avoid Google penalty.

9. Review your site’s on-page SEO factors. Also, always take a daily backup of your entire site and database.

Now, take a look at this infographic, download the PDF guide for future reference and start optimizing your website right away!

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist (Infographic) - 50+ Essential Tips and Practices

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist