RFID cards are frequently used these days and I recently came to find a related product that is very interesting and useful. TinyLab's Keysy is a RFID cloning tool that can backup up to four RFID access credentials into a small keyfob form factor.

I tried my hands on this cool and useful gadget and here I am going to share a quick review of the TinyLab's Keysy RFID Duplicator for all readers of Geeky Stuffs.

Keysy RFID Key Duplicator - Hands-on Review and Features

Inside the Box

Keysy Remote comes in a small retail box. Inside the box, you will find the Keysy remote and one rewritable keyfob along with a user manual providing the instructions about how to use the device.


In terms of design, Keysy looks like the electronic key of a car. The body is made of plastic and quite opaque enough to see the content inside. There are four buttons provided on the Keysy remote and each one of them can be configured as a RFID card separately. Each button has the geometrical shape, so that you remember which key you assigned to which card.

Keysy RFID Key Duplicator - Hands-on Review and Features

There is a hole provided as well that you can use to attach the Keysy with an key chain and carry it along with you. It is lightweight and looks nice as well.

Setting Up and Features

The good thing about the Keysy is that setting it up is very easy. All you need to do is to place the Keysy remote on top of the RFID keycard or keyfob you would like to copy. Press and hold the button you would like to assign as the clone key for few seconds and with a green indication, you are good to go. The whole process take few seconds only.

Using it super easy as well. You just need to press the button assigned for the RFID key and then bring it near to the RFID scanner.

So you can create duplicate of four different RFID keys with the Keysy Remote and total five if the rewritable keyfob is used as well. It will consolidate them all on your keychain so you can leave the originals at home. This is really a nice feature as you can avoid having to pay costly replacement fees of stolen cards or can share one subscription of parking etc with your family.
Keysy RFID Key Duplicator - Hands-on Review and Features
You can even make a duplicate of a RFID card by using the rewritable keyfob and the Keysy remote. Once done, you can use the keyfob as the original RFID card. Just like programming the Keysy remote, making a duplicate key also takes very less time and in less than a minute you can have a duplicate RFID key with you.

Keysy Remote works on 125 KHz frequency, so it will support most of the RFID cards and readers with some exceptions. For example, the RFID keys of hotels will not work on it. Also, some RFID readers will not be supported but you will still be able to create a duplicate RFID keyfob and use with that scanner instead of using the Keysy remote.

Pricing, Availability and Discount

Keysy Remote is available at Amazon Prime as well as official store of Keysy on TinyLabs.io website $44.99. But you can buy from the below special link to get 15% discount on it.

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Keysy Remote is a great gadget and tool for our daily life, specially for those who use RFID cards a lot and frequently. It provides convenience and saves money by avoiding the scenario of losing the RFID keys.

It is lightweight, beautiful and easy to program and use. So if you are looking for RFID duplicator, Kesy is the best option for you.