Saudi Arabia is going to host the world's largest e-game tournament with Tekken 7 with total prizes of more than 400000 Saudi Riyals and the participation of 9 Saudi players

The Saudi Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports and the General Authority for Entertainment will host Tekken 7, one of the world's most competitive electronic games, international e-game competition with 16 players from around the world with a total prize of $ 110,000 at the GamersCon East 2019 between 28 and 30 March 2019 in the city of Khobar.

GamersCon East 2019 Tekken 7 Championship

This Tekken 7 championship competition is accredited by the Saudi Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports and is in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 to host the strongest e-sports competitions licensed by the General Authority for Entertainment and organized by a whole Saudi team of True-Gaming.

The biggest stars and most popular players of Tekken 7 around the world will participate in this one-day tournament on March 29, 2019, including nine players from Saudi Arabia, headed by Sari Jafri who won the title of world champion of Tekken 7 few months ago, one player from Bahrain, three players from South Korea, two players from Japan and one player from Pakistan.

Japanese players Nobi and Noroma and Korean players Qudans and Knee are among the top five players in the world as well.

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