When it comes to cars, what you will see on the streets mostly is a virtual sea of white, black and grey colored cars.

But the new 2019 Lincoln MKC comes in nine different color options including the classic white, black and grey – three of them brand new. These colors are designed and developed to suit your personality traits.

2019 Lincoln MKC

The Infinite Black Metallic color of 2019 Lincoln MKC  represents an artistic and sensitive person, a touch of an introvert and even mysterious personality. While the White Platinum Metallic defines impeccable standards, a person preparing for beautiful new beginnings. The Magnetic Gray Metallic, as the color itself, shows that your preferences fall somewhere in between.

And then there are 2019 Lincoln MKC’s suite of cool neutrals, all the better to offset your sleek wardrobe. Like the Ingot Silver Metallic, just like your favourite soft cashmere sweater, or the delicate new shade of Ceramic Pearl – like your favorite earrings? Or if you are a coffee lover, there is the Iced Mocha Metallic for you.

Baltic Sea Green is one of the new color of 2019 Lincoln MKC, with an evocative, earthy finish that evokes a sense of affection, loyalty and security.

Ruby Red of 2019 Lincoln MKC  is the colour of fashion, love and passion representing energy, strength, health, power and vitality – a life lived to the fullest. There is Burgundy Velvet Metallic showing the strength of character, clear purpose and inner power.

And if you prefer Rhapsody Blue then, according to colour psychology, personalities that are drawn to blue are authentic, and that shades of the ocean signal depth, harmony, and reliability.

Sarah Rae, Director, Lincoln Middle East, said;
At Lincoln we want your vehicle to reflect who you really are. And so we’ve delivered a range of stylish, elegant colours for the 2019 Lincoln MKC – each one speaking volumes about the driver who chooses it.
Susan Lampinen, Group Chief Designer, Colour and Material Design at Lincoln, explained,
With Lincoln, we have a customer who is very selective about what they like. We’re a brand that offers wonderful colour choice that offers complexity and sophistication to it. Lincoln is not a hard brand – it’s a warm and inviting brand, and so our colours have to reflect that as well. They have to be rich, they have to be sophisticated.