PUBG MOBILE has officially announced that it is going to extend its ‘Gameplay Management’ system to 10 more countries in the Middle East in an effort to promote responsible gameplay and better digital lifestyle behaviours of its large and growing fanbase in the region.

Gameplay Management was launched first across five Middle East nations earlier this year, before extended it across the entire region. The pilot countries were the UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

PUBG MOBILE Gameplay Management

The new nations that will now have access to the Gameplay Management system are Lebanon, Oman, Jordan, Algeria, Palestine, Bahrain, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, and Yemen.

Gameplay Management is a system of reminders and checks for players to ensure they enjoy PUBG MOBILE in more balanced manner and have a digital lifestyle while playing the game online. From the version 13.5 , all players will need to confirm their age to activate the Gameplay Management system. The players under the age of 18 having to acknowledge a gaming advisory before they can start the game.

If total gameplay is between 4-6 hours in a day for the players under the age of 18, they will be notified of total time spent on the game. If gameplay exceeds six hours, the Gameplay Management system will temporarily suspend access to the game, encouraging players to take 15-minute breaks every two hours before resuming the game.

Herman Zhao, Director of PUBG MOBILE Operation Team in Middle East and North Africa region said;
As developer of one of the most popular mobile games in the world, we strive to provide the best gaming environment. The wellbeing of our players is of paramount interest and we have an ongoing initiative to encourage players to enjoy PUBG MOBILE in a balanced way.

PUBG MOBILE has been a leader in the advancement of responsible gaming and we are committed to promoting a balanced gaming experience for our players. The expansion of the Gameplay Management system across the Middle East is a testament to our efforts in this space.

More regions are being considered and the Gameplay Management system will be made available to other countries in the near future.