Snap Inc. has announced the launching of its new and innovative tool, Lens Web Builder, that allows everyone to create professional and attractive lenses using Augmented Reality technologies within minutes online, thus enabling companies to add vitality and sparkle to their brands in a simple, fast and risk-free way.

As a world leader in augmented reality, Snapchat has seen remarkable growth in ads using augmented reality lenses as a preferred method allowing brands to achieve remarkable reach and interact with app users in an exceptional way.

And the Lens Web Builder tool comes to give companies the ability to create augmented reality content even with a limited budget and no experience in 3D design, which means cutting out work with designers or specialized companies and incurring heavy costs.

Snapchat Lens Web Builder

Lens Web Builder is the first tool of its kind to create online advertising lens with AR, eliminating the need for a standalone AR app. It is worth noting that users do not need design expertise, whether in building augmented reality content or lenses, and Lens Web Builder can be accessed from any web browser.

This allows users to create new lenses for Snapchat's advertising campaigns in just a few minutes, with customization options including 3D content, effects, animations, and 2D assets like logos, images, and more.

All brands eager to market their products and services in an innovative manner and looking to create appropriate creative content will be able to use the Lens Web Builder tool to seize the opportunities provided by prevailing trends such as holidays and others.

Creative companies can also explore augmented reality content with the tool to test augmented reality concepts for brands with the Snapchat camera.

Brayden Ainzuain, Head of Product Marketing for the MENA and Asia Pacific, from Snap Inc. said;
This augmented reality content has an outstanding ability to enhance interaction between Snapchat users, which underlines the importance of the branding initiative. To enter this space in order to improve the efficiency of its advertising campaigns, Lens Web Builder is the result of the significant investment that Snap has allocated to enable access to and disseminate augmented reality content. The tool provides a great way for partners to test new lens concepts or convert p Amathm to attractive content in the context of Snapchat camera without the need to allocate large budgets for professional designers.