Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia has announced a range of new initiatives to its device repair services, to create added convenience for customers, and to ensure them of the safety of using official Huawei repair services.

Huawei is also now offering free shipping of devices to a customer’s home or office after maintenance (terms and conditions applied), through a free Postal Repair Service. The service allows customers to send their device for maintenance through SMSA and have it returned back through the same system, eliminating the need to visit a Huawei Service Center.

Customers can access the service via live chat on the Support App, by selecting ‘Send for Repair’ from the Service menu, where he/she can tap ‘Service’, under quick service clicks on ‘More’ and then ‘Send for Repair.’ Customers will then fill in and submit an application form as directed.
Huawei has implemented these enhanced measures as part of its commitment to customers, to give them confidence in its services, and also provide added convenience to those who are unable to visit the Service Centres but who still want the peace of mind of accessing official Huawei’s device services.

To further support its customers, Huawei has also extended warranties on any device that has a warranty which expires from 17th March to 15th June, so that customers have more time to avail of official Huawei services should they require them.

For more details about the extended warranty and Postal Repair Service, please contact the Huawei Hotline on 8001220888, or via live chat on the Support App.