Huami with its self-owned brand Amazfit, is initiating the health protection project called ‘uSmile :-)’, which aims to protect people across continents and borders against COVID-19 epidemic. The ‘Project uSmile’ will eventually result in real product on sale but it will take some while.

Project ‘uSmile:-)’ wants to express positive attitude and qualified health protection empowered by technologies. According to the 'Project uSmile:-)' engineers, they really care about the epidemic worldwide and would like to utilize technologies to raise living standard of the suffers due to the epidemic spread and prevention. And one of project aims is to easy the social distancing troublesome.

Huami Amazfit 'Project uSmile'

Huami continued the efforts of Connect Health with Technology. The company has donated medical supplies and devices worthy of 11.5million RMB since the COVID-19 Epidemic breakout. This week, Huami technology announced a partnership with the international famed doctor and scientist known for the SARS and COVID-19 prevention, the 83 year-old, Nanshan Zhong’s and his team.

Huami will contribute to combat coronavirus on a joint lab based on wearable technology and data computing algorithms. The collaboration aims to help pulmonary rehabilitation follow-up care and management.