Huawei Saudi Arabia has announced that the HUAWEI WATCH GT 2e will be available for pre-order in Saudi Arabia from April 23rd at a price of 599 SAR.

It will come with valuable gifts that include HUAWEI Sport Headphones Lite, and HUAWEI Smart Scale at Huawei E-shop, and several authorized retailers (online) in Saudi Arabia.

HUAWEI WATCH GT 2e is powered by KIRIN A1, the first wearable chip featuring dual Bluetooth 5.1 mode. It has a highly integrated 3 + 1 module, and integrated advanced Bluetooth processing unit, powerful audio processing unit, ultralow power application processor and discrete power management unit, all housed within a small 4.3mm x 4.4mm footprint, in daily use HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 e can operate continuously for up to two weeks, with both the intelligent heart rate monitor and call notification functions switched on.

HUAWEI WATCH GT 2e - Specs, Features, Price, Availability in Saudi Arabia

HUAWEI WATCH GT 2e sports a 46mm case with a unibody design that integrates the dial. The body is made with 316L grade stainless steel, manufactured under 1400 degree Celsius. It features a sandblasted surface and radial patterns on bezel.

HUAWEI TruRelaxTM technology monitors the user’s pressure levels to ensure their mental health status remains positive. The TruSeenTM 3.5 heart monitoring technology in combination with AI smart heart rate algorithms, which makes monitoring faster and much more accurate. This allows the device to check the heart-rate of the user and notify them if it gets too high or low. It can even check if you have been inactive on the couch for too long and alert you to get up and exercise a little.

HUAWEI WATCH GT 2e comes with tracking for 100 sports and including professional modes ideal for home workouts such as walking, running, free training, as well as elliptical and rowing machines there is something for everyone. The smartwatch can also track another 85 types of sports including hip-hop, rock climbing, parkour, skateboarding, surfing, tennis and baseball. The device keeps track of every move while you exercise by monitoring 190 types of data and provides professional advice and feedback to help you get better.