Huawei Saudi Arabia has announced the pre-order phase of the HUAWEI Sound X wireless speaker in the country.

The price of HUAWEI Sound X wireless speaker in Saudi Arabia is 1,299 SAR and during the pre-order phase, it will be available with a valuable gift includes HUAWEI FreeBuds 3, 3 months Huawei Music VIP Membership and VIP service. You can order it at Huawei Flagship store in Riyadh Park, Huawei E-shop, and several authorized retailers. The product will be available from 1st of July.

Huawei in collaboration with Devialet has developed the HUAWEI Sound X, a wireless speaker with flawless audio quality. Devialet is a global audio brand that enjoys unique reputation for its premium High-Fidelity products.

HUAWEI Sound X Wireless Speaker

HUAWEI Sound X comes equipped with two 3.5-inch Devialet subwoofers. Based on official statistics, with 60W bass power the subwoofers can hit amplitudes of up to 20 mm, which is more than twice what an average speaker is capable of. HUAWEI Sound X is fitted with six powerful full-frequency tweeters that are evenly distributed in a ring. With Huawei's proprietary sound effect algorithm, high frequency extends from 40Hz to 40000 Hz, revealing details that would otherwise be inaccessible to human ears. Producing sound tailored to the environment with speakers that produce a 5.1 immersive stereo effect.

Using the symmetrical Push-Push acoustic design, each subwoofer cancels out the back wave vibrations from the other, while superimposing the sound energy from both, thereby suppressing noise and distortion at all volume levels, and producing a better bass effect from a more compact speaker.

Huawei has cooperated with Devialet and armed the speaker with the French audio brand’s exclusive Speaker Active Matching (SAM® technology), which is capable of adapting the output signal to match the specific characteristics of the speaker, and minimizing sound distortion. As a result, listening to audio on HUAWEI Sound X provides for total immersion, transporting you to the scene that the music evokes in your mind's eye.

SAM® also ensures that the acoustic pressure reproduced by the speaker precisely matches that recorded by the microphone. HUAWEI Sound X's bass diaphragms react impulsively to the audio signal, preventing any lag between the bass and the rest of the spectrum. This solution maintains the richness and character of the original audio.

On top of all this, HUAWEI Sound X is crafted from highly magnetic rare-earth materials (NdFeB, or Neodymium Iron Boron), the preferred solution for luxury speakers. Rare earth contains greater magnetic energy than common iron oxides, and is therefore able to generate stronger vibrations in the diaphragm. As a result, despite its compact build, HUAWEI Sound X still manages to enhance speaker sensitivity and transient response performance.

HUAWEI Sound X also supports Huawei Share. You can enable NFC and Bluetooth on your phone and tap it against the NFC icon on the speaker to quickly connect your phone to the speaker. Music played on your phone will then seamlessly switch to the speaker for playback. If you want to answer the call on HUAWEI Sound X, just tap your phone against your HUAWEI Sound X. Alternatively, you can choose to answer via the speaker from your phone, or press the speaker's Multi-function button.