Samsung Innovation Campus, a global educational program that equips students with future-proof skill, has partnered with Misk Academy to launch Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses in Saudi Arabia to prepare the next generation with the critical knowledge, competencies and attitudes they need to boost their careers, support their employability and flourish in this new technology-driven future.

This education initiative will launch on July 20th, 2020, offering 240 hours of eLearning lectures, exercises and a capstone project through 12 weeks. It also reflects both Samsung and Misk Academy vision of empowering young adults for the technology driven job market. 

The courses will empower Saudi students with a better understanding of the concepts of AI and be able to implement AI (Machine Learning and Deep Learning) with related packages and learn its application to solve real-world problems. Students will be prepared to identify and dig into new technologies and algorithms needed for jobs and have a fluid understanding of, and practical experience with, the process of designing, implementing and communicating the results of an AI project.

Samsung Innovation Campus Saudi Arabia

Y.J. Kim, President of Samsung Electronics in Saudi Arabia, said;
We are honored to launch the Artificial Intelligence program in Saudi Arabia with Misk Academy to boost local talents in a vital sector for the Kingdom and the region and equip Saudi youth with in-demand skills. In March 2020, we completed the first training course in Internet of Things ‘IoT’ in partnership with Misk Academy, which was a stepping-stone for our future collaborations, in alignment with Saudi Vision’s 2030 Human Capital Development program.

Omar Najjar, CEO of Misk Academy, commented;
Misk Academy has a strong record in career acceleration and preparing graduates for the job market, which is why we are excited about this partnership with Samsung to further develop courses for Saudis, enhance their employment prospects, and promote the Kingdom's digital economy.