vivo’s all-new X50 series flagship smartphone series returns to the brand’s original design aspiration of making the complicated world simple. Offering contemporary and elegant design aesthetics, the new devices connect users with vivo’s advanced technology focus and are distinctive symbols of self-expression.

The design of the X50 smartphone enhances its professional photography features. Guided by a contemporary aesthetic, each smartphone in the series has a rectangular camera matrix with R3 rounded corners, giving it a simple but sharp appearance. Through consciously avoiding square corners and severe elements, the X50 series of smartphones offers a more comfortable look and feel.

The X50 series’ camera matrix also features a Dual Tone Step design. Large protruding cameras are common among photography-focused flagship smartphones, but vivo believed such a design would diminish the aesthetic appeal of the device. Instead, vivo developed a creative two-level camera design that mitigates the protrusion of the camera matrix - and of the Gimbal Camera System on X50 Pro - enhancing a sense of depth and order while maintaining slimness. 

vivo 50 series design story

The upper component contains the main camera, bokeh camera, and wide-angle camera, set within a black background. The lower section contains the periscope camera and has the same colour as the back cover, while a CNC (computer numerical control) glossy rim around the entire module provides a smooth finishing touch. The Dual Tone Step design serves both functional and aesthetic purposes, solving the challenge of requiring a larger camera matrix due to the use of larger cameras while adding a unique visual focal point.      

The vivo X series recognises that smartphones have become an extension of their users, serving as accessories that people use to express their personality and complement their lifestyle. As such, the X50 series returns to vivo’s original design aspiration to emphasise elegance and simplicity. In doing so, the new flagship devices with their warm and meticulous design, aim to help users express themselves and discover more beauty. 

In line with this philosophy, every X50 series smartphone showcases a unique choker pattern as its signature design feature on the top section. Modelled after the high fashion accessory that originated in France, the X50 series’ choker pattern disrupts the conventional appearance of the topside of a smartphone, while also making the device appear slimmer. The choker has the same colour scheme, simple lines, and line reflection effects as the smartphone’s broader CMF (colour, materials, finish) design, and contains the phrase “PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY”, highlighting the main USP of the X50 series.

For X50 series’ colour palette, designers took into account consumer desires for personal expression and individuality. To deliver a high-end visual experience to consumers, vivo cooperated with design institutions like the Carlin Creative Trend Bureau in France to create the colour palette. After sifting through nearly 600 prototypes, designers decided on three colours for international markets, namely, “Frost Blue”, “Alpha Grey” and “Glaze Black”. Both the Frost Blue and Alpha Grey models feature AG Frosting - a processing technology that creates a frosted finish on the glass surface on the rear side of the phone.

To enhance comfort, visual appeal, and performance, X50 Pro also boasts a 3D flexible curved screen with COP (Chip on Plastic) packaging technology, leading to a slimmer (8.04 mm for Frost Blue and Alpha Grey, and 8.07 mm for Glaze Black) and lighter device. The screen is relatively bendable, flexible, and durable, making the phone less prone to damage. The innovative display design also reduces harmful blue light exposure and has an SGS Eye Care Display certification to prove it. Meanwhile, HDR 10+ technology ensures the retention of complete video brightness and colour information. Such customer-focused display features are a clear testament to the thought and the human-centric focus of the X series’ design.

Jet Xu, Head of Middle East and Africa Business, vivo, said;

The unique colour palette, smooth shape, and comfortable feel of X50 series smartphones all reflect conscious design choices to help users connect with our technology. With elegance as its overarching design philosophy, the features of the X50 series of smartphones highlight its professional photography capabilities in delivering an enhanced user experience. The X series aims to provide a premium photography experience through balancing technology and a user-centric design. As the first X series device to be launched overseas, the X50 reflects this purpose.

Similar to previous devices in the X series, vivo’s new X50 flagship smartphones use advanced photography technology and feature sleek and contemporary design aesthetics to complement the trendy and smart lifestyles of the world’s consumers today.