XRSPACE, the company pioneering the next generation of virtual reality, has today announced that its partnership with global telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom will begin with an exclusive user trial.

Following on from a successful launch with Chungwa Telecom in Taiwan in July and an ongoing rollout program through search engine Baidu and China Telecom in China, the trial is launched on December 14th for 400 of Deutsche Telekom’s users, enabling them to test and analyze XRSPACE’s gesture-controlled MANOVA headset, the platform software, the avatar’s autonomous movements and user interactions within the social and communications VR platform.

In addition to the announcement of its first European telco partnership and offering a cross-platform experience for smartphone and PC based users in January 2021, XRSPACE will be collaborating with a series of new content partners, as it continues to build out its content ecosystem. These brands join an expanding portfolio of global partners working hand-in-hand with XRSPACE to craft unique experiences that cover entertainment, education, gaming, ecommerce and more, including ScienceVR, MagicLOHAS, AirPano, Angry Birds, GoPro, Insta360 and Magic Horizons.

XRSPACE MOVA - World's first 5G mobile VR headset

XRSPACE is also launching its European sales website (www.xrspace.io), where the XRSPACE MANOVA headset will be available to purchase direct worldwide, retailing the WIFI 64GB consumer edition at €499 and the WIFI 64GB business edition at €599.

The XRSPACE MANOVA headset is the first 5G mobile VR headset designed for the mass market, usable anywhere there is an available 5G, 4G or WIFI connection. Boasting true life-like social interactions and experiences, users are able to meet each other as customizable, full-body, 3D look-a-like avatars, capable of conveying real time facial expressions and communicating with each other seamlessly in shared environments. This brings virtual human interaction and communication to a new level of emotional connection, far beyond texts, emojis, and 2D videos, creating the first-ever true immersive social VR experience. As users are invited to share more of their life within the XRSPACE MANOVA world, XRSPACE is naturally diligent in keeping their security and confidentiality as its top priority.

The full XRSPACE product package includes a VR HMD, one controller, access to a mobile platform powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon, and innovative content from the social, educational, media, shopping and entertainment sectors provided by XRSPACE partners.

Sting Tao, President at XRSPACE, said:

The power of 5G XR will bring people together at a time when interacting with others has never been more important, surpassing the limited experience of smartphones today, and taking VR to the next level. We are delighted to offer an exclusive user trial to customers of our partner Deutsche Telekom, which is playing a huge part in helping us to take XR to the masses and redefine how people connect, socialize and consume content.

Wolfgang Groening, Vice President XR + Immersion Telekom Deutschland GmbH, said:

We believe that AR and VR will lead us into the next age of digital media usage and we look forward to our partnership with XRSPACE. Mixed Reality will replace the smartphone with a multitude of devices and applications. Deutsche Telekom plays a leading role in this by helping to bring innovations to the mass market, developing attractive products for our customers, connecting people and offering everyone quick and easy access to the best possible experience. We continue to pursue this goal on the verge of the new XR era.

Nikitas Glykas, EMEA Vice President at XRSPACE, said:

We are thrilled that after three years of breakthrough development, XRSPACE MANOVA will be available through our website in Germany and for the rest of EU countries before Christmas.