MSI unveiled an innovative lineup of gaming, creator and business products at its virtual launch event, “MSI Premiere 2021: Tech For the Future”. 

A powerful MSI Dragon G opened the “MSI Premiere 2021: Tech For the Future” show, and then MSI RTX 30 SEA HAWK was revealed that is the product of a revolutionary design with proven technology — which just got faster with an upgrade to the GeForce RTX 30 Series. The combined advantages of both air and liquid cooling come together with dedicated fan cooling and an all-in-one closed-loop liquid cooling solution that is efficient, silent and requires absolutely no maintenance.

MSI’s GeForce RTX 30 SUPRIM Series, a new graphics card design, turns a prestigious concept into reality. This card is amped up with robust power stages for durability, efficiently cooled with TRI FROZR 2S and delivers a modern aesthetic that reflects a high-performance lifestyle. 


is constructed as lightweight as possible, allowing gamers to move effortlessly. The high-end optical sensor offers precise high-speed tracking and pinpoint accuracy up to 16000 DPI. Equipped with MSI FriXionFree Cable, this in-house developed cable is designed to ensure every movement glides with minimal drag on a mousepad or desk.

At the same event, MSI also launched MSI’s very first SSDs. These upcoming SSDs have been designed to deliver storage up to 4TB, read speeds up to 7000 MB/s, and write speeds up to 6900 MB/s. Protect your important data with Mean Time Between Failure of up to 1.6 million hours and end to end path protection.

The MPG ARTYMIS Series presents 1000R, the most suitable screen curvature for the human eyes. It perfectly fits the curvature of the human eye so that you can see the entire screen without any fatigue. The curved surface design also heightens the sense of coverage and immersion, so that you will not be disturbed by the outside environment, greatly enhancing the gaming experience. In addition to 1000R, the series includes new exclusive AI features.

MPG ARTYMIS Series 1000R

The flagship model MEG Z590 GODLIKE motherboard is designed to create the definition of the extreme gaming motherboard. The first generation of GODLIKE launched the first RGB motherboard and leads the RGB trend in the gaming industry. Today, the latest MEG Z590 GODLIKE adopts flagship SPEC, innovative features and an enhanced user experience. 

The MPG CORELIQUID K360 is a liquid cooler made to perform and look stunning at the same time. MSI's exclusive TORX FAN 4.0 generates supreme airflow to the radiator for rapid cooling. Additionally, a 60mm TORX FAN 3.0 is placed within the water blockhead, providing concentrated cooling to power solutions. The MPG CORELIQUID K360's water blockhead also has a 2.4" LCD, capable of displaying crucial information and customizable graphics such as hardware system performance information, photos and a system clock.

MSI Creator P50 is a content creation desktop with a professional and stylish aesthetic. Although it is only 5 liters in volume, this creative center packs a big punch. It supports Intel Core i9 processors and the latest graphics card. It also has Thunderbolt 4, which delivers the fastest speed ever and makes 10 GbE LAN possible with the smoothest, fastest creating experience.

Expanding to the business market, MSI launched the MODERN MD SERIES. The Modern MD271 and MD241 Series come with MSI’s Anti-Flicker and Less Blue-Light technology, both TUV certified and designed to protect your eyes. The series’ ergonomic design also allows for personalization and customization for a comfortable viewing experience. The built-in Type-C and tool-free design allow users to effortlessly connect and charge, and assemble or disassemble for a VESA mounting environment.

Modern MD271 and MD241 Series

MSI also presented an exceptional All-in-One PC designed for professionals - the Summit 241S. It is not only the first All-in-One PC with a switchable monitor design, but it also has a pre-built smart sensor that detects everything in your environment, ranging from distance and human movement to environment lighting. The smart sensor automatically adjusts the brightness and other screen settings for the most comfortable and optimal viewing experience.

Lastly, MSI announced the new MSI Center, merging the Dragon Center and the Creator Center. The new MSI Center is fully customizable, supports all MSI devices in both the gaming and creator product lines. 

The new MSI Center comes with plenty of intelligent features powered by the MSI AI Engine such as: Sound Tune with noise cancellation to purify audio, Duet display to give a cross platform experience with iOS devices, Smart Image Finder to organize image files and automatically add tags to help locate images, Voice Command to create your own commands to open apps or short cuts, and Ambient Link to perfectly synchronize MSI Mystic Light products with Ubisoft’s latest AAA game title, Watch Dogs: Legion and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and compatible lighting accessories.