With the significant interest of the consumers in Saudi Arabia towards the smart devices that allow users to do more while on the move or away from the office or home. Huawei has recognized this need for a powerful yet portable tablet device that delivers advanced performance no matter where the user is. With the launch of the latest version of the HUAWEI MatePad users get improved connectivity through Wi-Fi 6, better performance with the newer Kirin 820 chipset in addition to a vibrant screen, large storage capacity and fast charging.

The previous edition of Huawei’s tablet proved popular with users due to its vivid screen and the new version HUAWEI MatePad is no exception. Its 2K Fullview Display brings multimedia to life in crystal clear detail with rich colours and a stunning 2000 x 1200 resolution. It has 7.9mm narrow bezels on all four sides and the lightweight device is only 7.45mm thick with a wide field of view. This makes it a perfect fit remote education process or watching a movie during a flight or catching up with work emails during a morning commute.

HUAWEI MatePad 2021

Consumers demand devices that help them do more and that is exactly what the HUAWEI MatePad’s newest upgrades allow users to do. The new Kirin 820 chipset has boosted power thanks to its neural processing unit and Huawei’s proprietary Da Vinci architecture. This helps users benefit from a wide range of smart functions such as FollowCam and intelligent voice control, making the tablet versatile and functional in new ways. The addition of high speed of Wi-Fi 6 means users can enjoy watching streamed movies without lag even on networks with other connected devices as well as remote education process.

The HUAWEI MatePad new version gives consumers the confidence to always be on the go without the worry of running out of battery power or storage space. The tablet comes with 4GB of RAM to ensure apps run effortlessly while 128GB of storage provide users plenty of space to keep their music, videos, eBooks and more. Add in the fact that the HUAWEI MatePad has a large 7250 mAh battery that can use 22.5W Quick Charge and users will never have to worry about losing power. 

The new HUAWEI MatePad will be available for pre-order in Saudi Arabia from March 1st at a price of 1,349 SAR