PHANTOM from Devialet, the new breed of wireless speakers, capable of delivering high fidelity sound, with zero distortion, zero saturation and zero background noise, no matter the volume, is now available at DG+

The new PHANTOM range showcases Devialet’s innovation across the product range, be it design, signal processing, user interaction and above all efficiency. The French sound connoisseur is keen to elevate sound to its rightful place by providing audiences around the world with a uniquely intricate and moving listening experience with the PHANTOM.

PHANTOM is much more than a connected speaker, Devialet call it a revolution in plug & play – an intense emotional experience. For the first time, customers across the UAE can experience ultra-dense sound with a physical impact, and feel music with unprecedented power, clarity and sharpness in their homes.  These new speakers are available in an exclusive white or black matte finish, with new sets of side panels, so that the PHANTOM can elegantly fit in or just as elegantly stand out.

PHANTOM from Devialet

At the heart of PHANTOM is the technology that has made Devialet the most awarded company in the history of Audio. PHANTOM'S ADH@ technology combines the refinement of Analog (Class A) amplification with the power of Digital (Class D) amplification. SAM@ Processing technology is then used to control the drivers to perfection, reproducing the exact sound pressure initially recorded by the artists. Together, ADH@ Intelligence and SAM@ Processing make the only engine in the world capable of driving the PHANTOM speaker. In addition to this technology, Heart Bass Implosion@ makes PHANTOM implosive. HBI@ technology consists of two exclusive high excursion woofers that move in perfect symmetry to create ultra-dense sound with a physical impact that has revolutionized the audio world.

PHANTOM is the result of 15 years of research and development born inside of Devialet laboratories and carries more than 200 patents. Although extremely complex on the inside, PHANTOM is the very expression of simplicity and elegance on the outside. Moreover, it can be integrated into a multi-room architecture by combining several PHANTOMs or paired with a second PHANTOM of the same power to enjoy a true stereo experience.

Furthermore, the Devialet application allows customers to control and customize their experience with PHANTOM. It provides a wide range of features and connectivity that enriches the listening experience and offers constant access to the latest updates. Once downloaded via the App Store or the Play Store, one just needs to follow the few steps necessary to install and configure PHANTOM in the room of their choice. It is also possible to configure a stereo pair between models of the same power as well as a multiroom system.

For customers and families looking to learn more on the PHANTOM series speakers, DG+ is keen to help them get a better understanding of their individual needs. The audio specialists at DG+ are seasoned and highly qualified AV Consultants, ready to help at the DG+ experience area at Time Square Centre Dubai.