While KSA residents have enjoyed cookouts and trips to the beach, sometimes it’s nice to spend a hot summer’s day relaxing at home. The comfort of a cooled home can’t be beat when the temperature reaches those high highs. LG Electronics (LG) has the experts on hand who specialize in keeping the home at a comfortable temperature. 

Maintain a comfortably cool indoor temperature with these smart suggestions from LG to beat the heat. 

1. Stay Cool

While turning on the air conditioner may keep you cool for a while, it’s important to keep the chilled air flowing if you want to feel comfortable and refreshed at all times. For those hot, stuffy days when the air conditioner alone just won’t do, the LG ThinQ app provides Fresh Air Mode which allows you to turn all your connected air conditioners, ceiling fans and air purifiers on at once. This smart feature is so good it makes every inch of the room feel like a cool oasis from the heat outside in next to no time. 

LG ThinQ App Fresh Air Mode

Although it will stop the temperature from rising, running appliances non-stop will also land you with some unsightly electricity bills. So, once you’re cool and comfy, it’s a good idea to switch off for a while. Paired with convenient mobile apps, today’s smart air conditioners, like LG Electronics’ ThinQ app-compatible models, can be ‘powered-off’ with just a few taps on your smartphone’s screen. They also let you monitor how much energy they’re consuming – helping you to keep those bills down and your energy footprint in check for an eco-friendly summer.

2. Quality Entertainment at Home

Once the sun has gone down and the temperature has cooled off a little, it’s a great time to get comfy on the couch and put on a good movie. But with so many to choose from and so little time to browse through an endless list of titles, there’s a better way to get straight to the content you’re bound to love. Smart TVs such as LG AI TV are able to make movie suggestions based on your tastes and preferences and can be controlled effortlessly through simple voice commands, which means choosing your next show can be as refreshing as a cool summer’s breeze.

3. Boost Your Energy

Summer fruit and vegetables are prime ingredients for making delicious and healthy homemade fare, such as a seasonal salad with lemon dressing, or a yogurt bowl with berries and nuts. To ensure all your garden-fresh produce stays crisp and juicy, and so you know exactly what food you have and when it needs using by, the combination of an advanced smart fridge and connected app is hard to beat. For your perishable foods, why not set expiration date alerts through the LG ThinQ app and have convenient notifications sent right to your smartphone when an item hasn’t got long left. It has never been easier to live your best culinary life this summer. 

By following these easy suggestions for staying cool, nourished, and entertained, you’ll likely find that spending time at home this summer is more rewarding than you ever thought possible. So, on those days when you just can’t face the beating sun – or the thought of holiday traffic – why not keep things simple, and book yourself in for a staycation to remember.