Reimagining gaming entertainment in the region, Sony Middle East & Africa has launched the new BRAVIA XR Next-Gen TV series with dedicated gaming mode. Powered by the company’s BRAVIA XR Cognitive Processor, the TV series offers Sony’s signature picture quality and ingenious sound design for an immersive gaming experience.

The BRAVIA XR A90J, A80J and X90J models offers ultra-smooth transitions between gaming scenes, quick responsiveness and HDMI 2.1 compatibility to deliver responsive gameplay and maximum performance in shooting, sports, and high-performance games with instant on-screen action. 

Sony BRAVIA XR A90J, A80J and X90J Gaming TVs

With the new models, gaming enthusiasts can enjoy a vast array of real-world colours and deep contrast that brings out the finest details in all gaming action on screen. The TVs have wide viewing angles, so users can enjoy the same breathtaking scenes from the sides as from the centre. Fast-moving content – such as in sports and action games – looks sharp, bright, and clear

The ingenious Cognitive Processor XR in BRAVIA XR TV, which thinks like a human brain, offers a complete immersion in an experience that thrills and moves users and feels just like the world around them. The TVs use a new processing method that goes beyond conventional Artificial Intelligence and is designed to replicate the ways humans see and hear. 

In the sound department, the A80J, A90J and X90J are equipped with the XR Sound Position which offers the reality of sound behind the picture. As the screen is the speaker on this BRAVIA XR TVs, the sound matches precisely with what’s on the screen for a truly immersive experience. The sound-from-picture reality technology makes the screen the speaker. Moreover, the XR Surround creates surround sound from the sides and vertically to enjoy the gaming experience.

The series features Android TV™ with Google Play Store and Chromecast built-in, which offers users easy access to content, services and devices via its extensive platform. 

The launch of the new models comes amidst surging gaming trends worldwide, making it the most profitable form of entertainment. The industry is worth $148.8 billion globally, while the market in the Middle East and Africa is valued at about $4.8bn, accounting for just 3 percent of the worldwide total, according to a study by market research firm Newzoo.

Availability and Pricing

The BRAVIA XR Next-Gen TV series are now on sale in the UAE. 

Shintaro Hayatani, Head of Marketing, Sony Middle East & Africa, said:

The Middle East is one of the fastest-growing gaming markets in the world, offering a huge opportunity for software designers and equipment manufacturers. Sony’s new BRAVIA XR TV series caters to this burgeoning market, offering ultra-smooth gaming experience with a dedicated game mode and built-in features aligned to match the future demands of the gaming industry. With its Cognitive Processor XR – a world’s first, users can now enjoy a complete immersive gaming experience that thrills and moves you and feels just like the world around us.