The launch of Shure’s MV7 microphone has become extremely popular with podcasters, gamers, and vocalists due to its professional-level audio and user-friendly setup.  Shure has launched a partnership with online regional customization destination,, so customers can now customize the look and feel of their MV7 microphone.  

Users can design their own MV7 with a variety of color combinations for three different areas of the microphone – the body, the yoke, and the ring. At, users can choose from a variety of colors to find the right combination before ordering. Color options include glossy and matte finishes.

Color customization is ideal for many different types of users, including, gamers who stream and have a specific game or logo palette for their channel, vocalists who are promoting a cause or have a specific promotion centered around color schemes, podcasters who focus on entertainment (superhero colors), or business (corporate colors) Reporters covering stories for their organization who want the microphone to match the news outlet’s branding colors. 

Shure MV7 customized microphone

Inspired by the Company’s iconic SM7B Vocal Microphone—a legend in the recording, live-streaming, and podcasting industries—the MV7 delivers versatility and control, flexible connectivity options, and user-friendly settings in a sleek, compact design. 

Other microphones that can be customized include the SM58, Super55, BLX2/SM58, BLX2/Beta58, GLXD/SM58 and GLXD/Beta58. The company still offers its standard black or silver color options on

Marwan Nasr, Marketing Manager MEA at Shure, said;
Customization is a growing trend for creators, many of whom want the look of their tools to reflect themselves or their brand and in turn feel unique.