TCL Electronics, one of the leading players in the global TV industry and a leading consumer electronics company, today announced its latest X Series TV for the Middle East market. The X925 TV will be available in 65 and 75 inches models. 

The X925's Mini LED technology provides viewers with an unrivalled viewing experience with smaller and more LEDs that produce more contrast control zones. It then reveals more details, smoothly brilliant luminance and a wider High Dynamic Range. Certified by the 8K association to ensure a true 8K experience, the X925 also offers 8K resolution and 8K upscaling for access to more content with the best picture clarity there is in the market. 

With TCL QLED, the X925 enhances colour volume to more than 100%, with more than one billion colours. All images are reproduced with an extraordinary 3D-like depth, immersing the viewer fully in every scene and every moment. The improved colour reproduction, means colours are richer and more realistic and, while whites are brighter, black or dark colours are more defined. 

TCL X925 Mini LED TV

For a professional audio experience, the X925 delivers 2.1 channel audio quality, providing audiences with a deeper and more immersive connection with the content on the screen. Its industry-leading sound system features hardware from Onkyo and sound technology, including Dolby Atmos® immersive audio that places users inside the action with bigger, more encompassing sound that flows around and fills the room.

The X925 includes TCL’s Game Master for the next generation of gamers.  With 120Hz MEMC, a high refresh rate dynamic compensation, reduced color trailing, minimized blurring, and minimal judder, the X925 makes every image and scene super smooth.  The X925’s Game Master package features HDMI 2.1, which delivers the best possible image resolution and audio for gaming, TV shows and movies. Additionally, the Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode(ALLM), eARC, Wifi 6 plus TCL’s proprietary software algorithm ensure stunning images, even in fast-moving gaming scenes, with low input lag.

The X925 comes with Google TV, which provides access to hundreds and thousands of content options aggregated across streaming services. TCL Google TVs combines TCL’s industry-leading Mini LED, 8K and QLED technologies, with Google’s new entertainment experience to help users discover and access the content they love, in stunning definition on the latest TCL screens, easier than ever before.
TCL Google TVs bring together movies, shows, live TV and more from across apps and subscriptions and organizes them for each user. It offers personalized recommendations so TCL users can discover new things to watch. Users can even ask Google to find movies and shows, answer questions, and control smart home devices with their voice via TCL’s big screens.

With a  magnetic Magic Camera that fuses the TV and social experience, the X925 allows for unlimited connection possibilities. The X925 has Google Duo pre-installed, allowing easier instant video calls with family and friends. It is also pre-programmed with an assortment of gesture instructions, enabling users to interact with the TV by moving their hands rather than the remote control or voice commands.

Kevin Wang, CEO of TCL Industries Holdings Co., Ltd. and TCL Electronics, said;
TCL is proud to realize our ambition of being a true leader in Mini LED TVs. The incredible performance of the X Series TVs is due to TCL Mini LED technology and the X925 is well positioned to lead the premium LED TV market. The X925 will deliver a previously unimagined viewing and audio experience for sports, TV shows and movie viewing. It will immerse users in games as never before, as well as enhancing a smart lifestyle through improved connectivity.