With a focus on enhancing digital display solutions for both work and personal, LG Electronics has launched the LG One: Quick in Saudi Arabia. The ideal productivity tool for the remote work era, LG’s category-creating innovation brings greater efficiency and sleek, modern styling to businesses of all types and sizes. 

Developed in response to the new ways people work, LG One: Quick has the potential to change and expand how individuals, coworkers and teams communicate in the new reality of remote working. LG One:Quick consists of One: Quick Works, One: Quick Flex and One: Quick Share, a dedicated wireless screen sharing solution.

One: Quick Works

One: Quick Works avoids all conferencing issues by integrating everything needed into a single, stylish package: touch-sensitive display, Windows-based interface, crisp 4K UHD camera, high-quality microphone, built-in speakers, digital whiteboard function and video conferencing apps. 

Meeting participants can use LG’s preinstalled One: Quick Remote Meeting application or install Webex, Zoom, and Teams using the shortcuts conveniently located on the onscreen launcher. For apps not on the launcher screen, meeting hosts can simply go into the Conference App Store to find and install the video conferencing application of their choice.

LG Quick Works, One: Quick Flex and One: Quick Share

The high-gain mic can clearly capture the voice of a presenter seated or standing up to six meters away and employs noise cancellation to minimize most unwanted background sounds. With Smart Auto Focus, the 3,840 x 2,160 resolution camera quickly tracks and auto-matically focuses on the speaker. Virtual meetings take on a whole new level of satis-faction when everyone knows who’s talking and what’s being said.

One: Quick Share

The complementary One: Quick Share allows presenters to easily connect their laptops and notebooks to compatible LG digital signage devices wirelessly. With its internal Wi-Fi antenna, the diminutive dongle offers effortless screen sharing and makes the workspace free of cable clutter. With its Split View feature, One:Quick Share can connect to and display content from up to four devices simultaneously, making it the best choice for teamwork while remote conferencing. And with One: Quick Share, setting adjustments of connected LG signage products such as volume, picture mode, and screen brightness can be performed without a remote control.

One:Quick Flex

With LG One: Quick Flex's 43-inch all-in-one display complete with a built-in camera, microphones and speakers there's no need to stress over online meetings and calls and no more inconvenience of connecting to and setting up video conferencing. Equipped with In-Cell touch technology, the One: Quick Flex turns ideas into reality. With a dedicated touch pen, taking notes and drawing are done easily. Also, their works can be saved as files, and easily shared via mobile phone. The One: Quick Flex can be used anywhere indoors where it can be moved by wheels. From a private office to a public lounge, it plays various roles according to each need and it supports screen rotation when using the dedicated stand, which can be widely used by being turned vertically or horizontally according to the content ratio.

LG’s latest collection of advanced display solution products is designed to deliver an intuitive experience that enhances productivity and collaboration to take office communications to a whole new level of ease and convenience. The series is now available across Saudi Arabia.