I was using the ThundeRobot KG3104 RGB mechanical keyboard for the last few days and today we are going to have a detailed review of the ThundeRobot KG3104 RGB mechanical keyboard covering its design, features, performance, and all of its pros and cons. 

This review is divided into different sections, covering the pros and cons of each of them separately. You can also watch the review video of the ThundeRobot KG3104 RGB mechanical keyboard below.

ThundeRobot KG3104 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Unboxing and Retail Box Contents

Inside the retail box of ThundeRobot KG3104, you will find the KG3104 wired gaming mechanical keyboard along with just a quick start guide. 

KG3104 comes in nice packaging but the user manual provided in my review unit was in Chinese. Hopefully, you will get it in English and other languages too, can't promise though.


Now talking about the design and build quality, the KG3104 comes in only white color that looks beautiful and also gives a different feel compared to the regular black keyboards available in the market. The bottom shell and the keycaps are made of ABS and even though ABS is one of the most inexpensive materials used on keyboard keycaps, it still feels quite good on KG3104 and also provides a nice smooth textured feel while touching the keys. 

ThundeRobot KG3104 RGB mechanical keyboard

KG3104 comes with a total of 104 mechanical keys and plenty of RGB lighting. Along with beneath the keys, we also got a large RGB light strip that provides a very nice gaming effect while using the ThundeRobot KG3104. The RGB lighting is very bright and way better compared to many other RGB mechanical keyboards of major brands. 

The wired USB cable is long but the quality of the material of the USB cable is quite cheap. It is also not detachable, so if it gets damaged your keyboard will be useless. At the bottom, we got elevating tray that comes with anti-slip stickers providing a very nice grip when you are playing games as it keeps the keyboard in one position even you are playing games aggressively using this keyboard here. 

Features and Performance

Now talking about the features and performance, ThundeRobot KG3104 comes in two variants - the Gateron Blue and Red switches. The one I got for review came with the Red switch and the performance is very impressive. The key travel is nice and provides a very nice experience whether you are playing games or doing office work, typing etc. 

ThundeRobot KG3104 RGB mechanical keyboard

The sound produced by the keystroke is quite low and you can easily use this mechanical keyboard at your workplace without disturbing other people while still getting the tactile feeling you get with the mechanical keyboards. ThundeRobot claims that the KG3104 can withstand up to 50 million keystrokes and that's very impressive. And even if you get just half of it, it will be still pretty much like other mechanical keyboards and you won't be at a loss. 

It comes with 12 dedicated shortcut keys that you can use on top of the Function key to perform various different actions. You can also quickly change the LED lighting settings using the key combination and perform various tasks and commands without even touching your mouse. 

ThundeRobot KG3104 also comes with its own software that you can use to perform various different tasks and customize your experience with the KG3104. You can create different lighting profiles using the software, you can even create the macro commands and then you can select the various lighting effect provided on the KG3104. If you select the Gaming mode, then you can once again select what kind of game you are playing exactly and then the keyboard lighting will be adjusted accordingly to provide a very nice gaming experience particularly for that game. 

ThundeRobot KG3104 keyboard software

It comes with 8 different RGB lighting presets for many different games and other than that you got 9 RGB lighting effects as well. And if you want you can even change the task assigned to a particular key using the Key Assignment feature. So using the ThundeRobot KG3104 keyboard software you can enhance your experience with this keyboard and customize it the way you want. 


Overall ThundeRobot KG3104 RGB mechanical keyboard is one of the best in its price segment and even better than many expensive keyboards from major and more popular brands. 

So if you're planning to buy an RGB mechanical gaming keyboard with lots of RGB lighting, nice gaming experience without spending too much money then, ThundeRobot KG3104 is one of the best options for you for sure. So that's all for now friends.